What Can I Do To Relieve Knee Pain?

Article by Matthew Hewitt

What Can I Do To Relieve Knee Pain?

If your knee pain is new and has occurred suddenly, it’s best to get it assessed by a Physiotherapist. Since any number of structures could be damaged, which may require different management. Some injuries demand complete immobilisation, whilst others benefit from exercise. Finding out what’s gone wrong in the knee will be vital in optimising your recovery.

For longer-term injuries that have built up slowly, it’s helpful to consider several factors:

What’s changed since your knee pain started?

Have you taken on a new exercise regime? Got a new job? Started up a new hobby? If the loads on your knee have changed significantly since your pain started, it may be an overuse injury.

Toeing the line?

It’s crucial to find the right balance of exercise for your knee. Bedrest will decondition your muscles, leading to a multitude of problems. On the other hand, performing high impact box jumps every day will likely aggravate your joint. These are extremes that are relatively easy to identify and avoid, but toeing the line becomes more difficult in the middle of the spectrum. Is walking good for my knee pain? How much pain is acceptable when exercising? Should I perform closed chain or open chain exercises? Performing exercise which is intense enough to be useful whilst not propagating further injury is key to reducing knee pain.

If pain is holding you back from performing exercise which is intense enough to make a difference, you may want to consider some adjuncts to your rehab plan.

Cold packs or heat packs?

Use cold therapy when inflammation and swelling is present. Heat generally will help when joint stiffness is present. Talk to your physiotherapist about which modality is more appropriate for your injuries.

When should I use a knee brace?

Knee braces are helpful to reduce the forces placed on the knee. Different braces de-load different structures in the knee, so it’s essential to choose an appropriate knee brace.

relieve knee pain
How To Relieve Knee Pain

Knee Physiotherapy

Your physiotherapist can provide manual therapy to mobilise the knee joint and allow more significant pain-free movement.

If you’re struggling to get on top of your knee pain, book an appointment to see your physiotherapist for a management plan tailored to you.

Consulting with a PhysioWorks Physiotherapist can ensure that your condition is accurately diagnosed and treated accordingly, so book an appointment and get yourself on the path to recovery today!

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