POW.R Wide Fabric Loop Resistance Band

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POW.R Wide Fabric Loop Resistance Band

Elevate Your Workout: POW.R Wide Fabric Loop Resistance Band

Maximise Comfort and Durability

The POW.R Wide Fabric Loop Resistance Band stands out with its wide fabric design, providing both exceptional comfort and unmatched durability. Ideal for intense lower body workouts, this band ensures lasting quality.

Stay Focused with Non-Slip Grip

Thanks to the silicon ribbon inner lining, the band stays securely in place. You can concentrate on your routine without any disruptions, making it perfect for various fitness levels.

Versatile and Effective for Rehabilitation

From strength training to muscle activation and rehabilitation, this band is a versatile addition to your fitness arsenal. It measures 8cm in width and 35cm in length, making it ideal for pilates, yoga, and HIIT.

A Physiotherapist’s Perspective

As physiotherapists, we understand the importance of reliable equipment in rehabilitation and exercise. The POW.R Band offers consistent resistance, crucial for effective muscle activation and rehabilitation exercises.

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 cm

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