Men’s Health Physiotherapy

Men's Health Physiotherapy

Article by Scott Schulte

What is Men’s Health Physiotherapy?

Men’s health physiotherapy plays a vital role in the holistic care of male health and is backed by high-quality research to assist men with improving and recovering from many male-specific conditions.

Men’s Health Physiotherapy incorporates assessing and treating issues related to your bladder, and bowel and is able to optimise your recovery from prostate surgery.

Men’s Health Physiotherapy Treatment Options

Did you know that 1 in 10 Australian men suffer from urinary incontinence at some point in their life? And 1 in 6 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer before the age of 85, with high rates of associated bladder, bowel and erectile dysfunction? It’s no secret that men aren’t the best at asking for help, especially when it comes to their health. Fortunately, THERE IS HELP!

At PhysioWorks Ashgrove, our Physiotherapist Scott Schulte has additional training and extensive experience in helping male patients with a wide variety of conditions. He covers issues related to your bladder, and bowel and is able to optimise your recovery from the common side effects following prostate surgery. Areas that Scott can help you with include:

If you are experiencing men’s health issues, or you would like some more information, contact us at PhysioWorks Ashgrove.

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