Cervical Facet Joint Pain

Cervical Facet Joint Pain

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Treating Cervical Facet Joint Pain: A Physiotherapist’s Guide

What is Cervical Facet Joint Pain?

Cervical facet joint pain, a common source of neck discomfort, arises when the neck’s facet joints sustain an injury. Located between the vertebrae, these synovial joints play a crucial role in guiding and limiting neck movement. Also known as neck facet joint disease, this condition can lead to pain and mobility issues.

Causes of Cervical Facet Joint Pain

This pain typically stems from joint disturbances causing either hypomobility (stiffening) or hypermobility (excessive movement). Causes range from neck arthritis, bone spurs, and muscle spasms to trauma like fractures or diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Physiotherapist treating patient with neck pain
Physiotherapy For Neck Pain Relief: Treating Cervical Facet Joint Pain.

Recognising Locked Facet Joints

Locked facet joints often result from simple yet awkward movements, exacerbated by previous injuries or muscle weakness. This locking can severely restrict mobility and is a common symptom of facet joint issues.

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The primary symptom of a facet joint injury is pain, potentially extending to the shoulders or arms. Locked joints can particularly limit movement in specific directions, while muscle spasms may occur in response to an injury.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Physiotherapists diagnose facet joint injuries through hands-on assessments, as standard imaging might not reveal the issue. Treatment varies, focusing on unlocking joints, regaining motion, and strengthening exercises to prevent recurrence. In cases of hypermobility, stabilisation programs are key.

What Results to Expect

Most patients experience significant relief through physiotherapy. The effectiveness depends on the duration and cause of the issue. Strengthening exercises are crucial for managing facet joint instability.

Other Treatment Options

Additional treatments include neck massages, dry needling, acupuncture, facet joint injections, and in chronic cases, radiofrequency treatment. However, these should complement, not replace, physiotherapy.


Cervical facet joint pain, while common, can significantly impact daily life. However, with the right physiotherapy approach, most patients can achieve substantial relief and improved quality of life.

What to Do?

If you’re experiencing symptoms of cervical facet joint pain, consulting with a professional physiotherapist is crucial. They can provide tailored advice and treatment plans suited to your specific needs. Remember, each case is unique, and your path to recovery will be personalised.

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