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Discover the TracCollar: A Breakthrough in Neck Pain Relief

Revolutionary Design for Maximum Comfort

The TracCollar is a cutting-edge neck traction device, designed by orthopedic engineers in Sweden. It’s crafted to provide unparalleled comfort and efficiency in neck pain relief. Its inflatable bulbs delicately stretch the cervical spine, easing stiff neck muscles. This action decompresses the joints and discs, offering a soothing experience.

Ease of Use and Adaptability

Setting up the TracCollar is straightforward and quick. Its adjustable nature ensures it fits snugly and provides optimal support. The device is available in two sizes: Regular (14-16 inches) and Large (16-18 inches). To find your fit, simply measure your neck or shirt collar size. If you’re in between sizes, the Large is recommended for the best fit.

Targeted Relief for Comprehensive Healing

The TracCollar’s innovative design targets the root causes of neck discomfort. By lifting the head’s weight off the neck, it promotes circulation. This not only aids in alleviating pain in the neck but also contributes to the healing of associated areas like the head and arms.

Convenient and Portable

This device is not just effective but also highly portable. It’s an ideal solution for those who need neck pain relief on the go. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or travelling, the TracCollar is your companion in achieving neck comfort.

Key Benefits Summary

  • Innovative design for effective cervical spine traction.
  • Easy setup and adjustable for personal comfort.
  • Promotes circulation and healing in the neck, head, and arms.
  • Portable and versatile for use anywhere.

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