Soft Cervical Collar AON47

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AON47 AllCare Ortho Soft Cervical Collar

Explore the comfort of the AON47 AllCare Ortho Soft Cervical Collar.. This collar is crafted from plush foam and wrapped in a soothing beige stockinette fabric, ensuring a snug fit with its adjustable hook and loop closure. It offers gentle yet effective support to your cervical spine, providing relief and stability.

Perfect for various conditions such as acute neck pain, wry neck, cervical spondylosis, and neck muscle strain, this collar is not only therapeutic but also easy to wear. Available in multiple sizes including Medium, Small, Large, and extended lengths for Medium and Small, finding your perfect fit is a breeze. Just measure your neck circumference and refer to our sizing chart, which includes:

  • Small (7.5cm height x 49.5cm length)
  • Small Long (7.5cm height x 53cm length)
  • Medium (9cm height x 51cm length)
  • Medium Long (9cm height x 56cm length)
  • Large (10cm height x 53cm length)

Select the size that best suits you and enjoy the gentle, supportive embrace of the AON47 Soft Cervical Collar.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 5 cm

Medium, Small, Large, Medium Long, Small Long