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At Clayfield PhysioWorks, we pride ourselves on providing professional excellence in sports, spine, muscle, and joint care. Our dedicated team, including skilled physiotherapists and massage therapists, are committed to enhancing your overall wellbeing. Here, we explore the benefits of various massage therapies and how they can complement your healthcare regimen.

Private Health Insurance

Clayfield PhysioWorks offers professional remedial massage services that are covered by private health insurance. You’ll find that your Clayfield Remedial Massage Therapist will provide you with excellence in sports and muscle injury care.

Our Massage Satisfaction Promise at Clayfield Massage Therapy

At Clayfield PhysioWorks, we’re committed to delivering exceptional massage experiences. Our team, comprising highly skilled Remedial Massage Therapists, focuses on providing optimal muscle care tailored to your needs.

We’re so confident in the quality of our massages that we offer an unmatched satisfaction guarantee. If, within the first 30 minutes of your massage, you find that it does not meet your expectations, we pledge to refund your payment in full, no questions asked. Our priority is your comfort and satisfaction.

Optimal Timing for Massage

  • Chronic Conditions: Regular massages can maintain mobility and prevent pain.
  • Post-Injury: Remedial massage is recommended 72 hours post-injury to reduce inflammation and aid in recovery.

Choosing the Right Duration

  • 30 Minutes: Ideal for targeting one specific area.
  • 45-60 Minutes: Suitable for addressing multiple areas.
  • 60-90 Minutes: A comprehensive treatment for the whole body.

Frequency of Massage

Regular massage sessions are key to managing chronic conditions and maintaining overall wellness. The frequency depends on individual needs and lifestyle factors.

Clayfield Massage Therapy
Clayfield Massage Therapy


Massage therapy at Clayfield PhysioWorks is more than just relaxation. It’s a vital part of a comprehensive approach to managing health and wellbeing. Each massage style offers unique benefits, and our team is here to guide you to the right choice for your needs.

What to Do?

For personalised advice and to experience the benefits of professional massage therapy, book an appointment with Clayfield PhysioWorks. Call us at 3862 4544 or book online anytime. Embrace a healthier, more balanced lifestyle with our expert care.

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Massage FAQs

Your Ultimate Guide to Massage Therapy and Muscle Injury Recovery

If you're curious about the world of massage therapy and its benefits, look no further. This article will serve as your go-to resource as we explore the various conditions that massage therapy can treat and delve into its numerous benefits.

Let's discover the best massage techniques and learn about the difference between remedial and relaxation massage. We will uncover the wonders of trigger point therapy and acupressure in aiding muscle injury recovery.

For athletes, we'll explore the world of sports massage and discuss the best time to receive pre-event and post-event massages.

Additionally, we'll discuss how you can purchase massage gift vouchers for your loved ones. But that's not all—this article will also address common muscle injury FAQs, including diagnostic methods and the different types of muscle injuries. We'll dive into the best treatments for muscle injuries, including dry needling, strengthening and stretching exercises.

Whether you seek relaxation or are dealing with a muscle injury, this guide has all the answers to help you embark on your massage therapy journey.

Massage FAQs

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Massage Gift Vouchers

Common Muscle Injury FAQs


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