Pocket Physio MAX

Your Portable Solution to Muscle Relief

Expertly Crafted for Deeper Muscle Release

Physiotherapists have ingeniously designed the Pocket Physio MAX, a cost-effective and straightforward tool, to alleviate your muscle tension. This larger variant ensures a deeper muscle release compared to the standard model, making it highly effective in easing lower back pain caused by muscle tightness.

Target Trigger Points with Precision

The Pocket Physio MAX specializes in identifying and soothing trigger points – those pesky knots in your muscles that lead to increased tension and referred pain. Its design facilitates precise targeting, offering instant relief from tight muscles.

Versatile Use for Everyone

Whether you’re an athlete, manual labourer, office worker, or part of a sporting group, the Pocket Physio MAX caters to all. Its versatility makes it ideal for active adolescents and exercise enthusiasts of all ages.

Compact and Convenient

As the name implies, the Pocket Physio MAX is like having a physiotherapist in your pocket. Its compact size allows for easy transport, ensuring you have access to muscle relief wherever you go.

Colour Options to Suit Your Style

Choose from Pink or Black to match your personal style. The Pocket Physio MAX’s distinct size, nearly double that of its standard counterpart, makes it a standout choice for those seeking more substantial muscle relief.

Key Benefits

  • Deep Muscle Release: Specially designed for a deeper release than the standard model.
  • Precision Targeting: Effectively locates and relieves trigger points.
  • Versatile: Ideal for a wide range of users, from athletes to office workers.
  • Portable: Compact design for easy use anytime, anywhere.

For more insights and information on muscle health and physiotherapy, explore articles on the PhysioWorks website.

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

Black, Red