Vertigo Dizziness Management

Vertigo Dizziness Management

Vertigo Dizziness Management

Vertigo Dizziness Balance Solutions

What Is Causing Your Vertigo Or Dizziness?

Assessing the cause of vertigo and dizziness is complex. While hopefully, the cause of your symptoms is relatively benign and responds quickly to treatment, vertigo and dizziness can be related to a significant neurological and cardiovascular condition.

We highly recommend seeking the professional opinion of a healthcare practitioner, such as your doctor or a vestibular physiotherapist.

More info: Vestibular Physiotherapy

Dizzy? Spinning? Off-Balance?

What are the Causes & Potential Solutions?

If you are feeling a little dizzy, off-balance or spinning when you don’t plan to, then “wonky & wobbly” month is the time to sort yourself out. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful Christmas if you felt more steady and not as a fall risk?

When Should You Worry About Dizziness?

Several key symptoms to look out for may indicate a more serious cause of your dizziness. If any of the following symptoms accompany your dizziness, then you should seek prompt medical attention;

  • Double vision
  • Difficulty speaking or swallowing.
  • Feelings of your legs suddenly feeling weak or giving way
  • Nausea
  • Flickering/jumpy movements of the eyes
  • Numbness, particularly of the mouth or face

It is also worth considering the duration and pattern of your symptoms. If your condition worsens or has been going on for some time without changing, your situation should be hastily assessed.

How Do You Improve Your Balance?

Did you know that you can improve your balance? And it’s not that hard!

Scientific research has confirmed for many years that balance retraining works. It can take only a few weeks of progressed balance exercises to improve or normalise your balance and corrective reactions.

You can perform simple exercises initially, such as standing on one leg with eyes open and progressing to eyes closed. But that is just the beginning. Your physiotherapist can safely assess and prescribe the most appropriate balance improvement exercises and equipment suitable for you.

Don’t hesitate to contact your physiotherapist for more information about balance assessment and improvement.

Falls Prevention

Preventing falls is one of the upsides of improving your balance. Fall prevention exercises should safely improve your strength, balance and righting reactions. Your physiotherapist will assess you and prescribe a safe and appropriate series of fall prevention exercises for you to progress as you improve.

So, if you’re feeling a little dizzy, off-balance or spinning when you don’t want to, then see us to help you sort things out quickly. Please call us to see if your physiotherapist can assist you.

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Common Causes of Vertigo or Dizziness

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