How to Improve Your Balance

- Article by John Miller

How to Improve Your Balance

Improving your balance is easier than you think! Scientific research has confirmed the effectiveness of balance retraining for many years. You can improve significantly in just a few weeks by engaging in progressive balance exercises that normalise your balance and corrective reactions.

Balance Assessments

Your physiotherapist can assess your condition safely and prescribe the most suitable balance improvement exercises and equipment.

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Don’t hesitate to contact your physiotherapist for more information about balance assessment and improvement.

The Best Exercises to Prevent Falls

Improving your balance benefits you in various ways and helps prevent falls. The key is to engage in fall prevention exercises that focus on enhancing your strength, balance, and righting reactions while ensuring safety.

Your physiotherapist will assess your needs and prescribe safe and appropriate fall-prevention exercises to progress through as you continue improving. Seek professional advice from your physiotherapist to get started.

Balance Enhancement Products

Over the years, clinicians have developed numerous devices to improve clients’ balance, effectively reducing the incidence of ankle and knee ligament sprains while enhancing day-to-day or sporting performance. You can also use these balance devices in the comfort of your own home to improve your balance, reduce the risk of injury, and alleviate joint pain.

Some of these balance enhancement products include:

  1. Balance Disc
  2. Balance Pad
  3. Swiss Exercise Ball
  4. Wobble Board

Incorporate these products into your balance training routine to maximise the benefits and achieve better balance and stability.

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