Supportive Taping & Strapping

Supportive Taping & Strapping

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Enhance Joint Stability with Strapping and Supportive Taping

Discover the benefits of professional strapping and supportive taping at PhysioWorks. Our physiotherapists excel in applying a range of taping techniques, including rigid and elastic strapping tape, to alleviate pain, reinforce joint stability, boost athlete confidence, and aid in preventing injuries and their recurrence.


Our Strapping Tape Options

  • Rigid Strapping Tape: Commonly known as “sports tape” or “athletic tape,” this sturdy taping method is pivotal in sports injury prevention and management.
  • Elastic Strapping Tape: Perfect for situations that require flexibility, it offers support while allowing movement.
  • Kinesiology Tape: An enhanced version of elastic sports tape, it dynamically aids your muscle function, promoting better movement and recovery.

Tailored Taping Strategies

Following a thorough assessment, our physiotherapists will devise a taping strategy that best suits your current needs, focusing on:

  • Injury Support: Stabilising the affected area to facilitate healing.
  • Pain Management: Utilising de-loading techniques to mitigate pain.
  • Movement Facilitation: Encouraging correct muscle and postural patterns with expert taping.

Consultation and Services

Consult with our team for a customised strapping solution. Our expertise spans a variety of applications, including ankle, knee, shoulder, wrist, and hamstring strapping.

For athletes and club players not officially partnered with PhysioWorks, we offer economical strapping services to assist with your pre-training and pre-game preparations. Contact your nearest PhysioWorks clinic to discover more about our strapping services and book an appointment.

Additional Information

For an all-encompassing approach to injury management, read our resources on Early Acute Injury Treatment and Sub-Acute Soft Tissue Injury Treatment, offering detailed care for every phase of recovery.

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