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Principal Physiotherapist

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John Miller

Consultant Physiotherapist – Clinic Partner

John Miller shines as a principal figure in physiotherapy, boasting over 35 years of extensive experience and knowledge. His academic roots trace back to the University of Queensland in 1988, where his journey into the physiotherapy world began.

Since then, John has forged a remarkable career across both Australian and international settings, working in public and private hospitals as well as in private practice. His commitment to his profession and his patients is evident in every aspect of his work.

Extensive Clinical Experience

Throughout his career, John has dedicated himself to the fields of sports injury and musculoskeletal management. His tenure as a Senior Physiotherapist at The Royal London Hospital’s Musculoskeletal and Sports Injury Unit showcases his exceptional clinical skills and knowledge.

Moreover, John has played pivotal roles as a Commonwealth Games Physiotherapist and Head Physiotherapist for various sports clubs, significantly contributing to athletes’ performance and recovery.

Clinical Skills and Services

John’s experience spans a wide array of techniques, ensuring comprehensive care for his patients. He is skilled in exercise rehabilitation, real-time ultrasound retraining, Western acupuncture, and dry needling, to name a few.

His unique Physio Bike Fit service highlights his innovative approach, tailoring physiotherapy to meet the specific needs of cyclists.

Special Interests

John’s passion for physiotherapy extends to a broad spectrum of conditions, including:

These interests highlight John’s commitment to addressing a wide range of physical ailments, ensuring his patients receive the most effective treatment possible.

Professional Affiliations

John is a registered physiotherapy provider with AHPRA and the Australian Physiotherapy Association. This ensures that his services are of the highest quality and that patients can access private health insurance rebates when seeking his care.

Education and Media Contributions

As a respected speaker, John shares his knowledge at injury education programs and serves as a clinical educator at leading universities. His insights have reached a wider audience through television and radio appearances, further establishing him as a thought leader in the physiotherapy field.

Conclusion: Why Choose John Miller for Your Physiotherapy Needs?

John Miller embodies clinical excellence, a passion for sports, and a dedication to education. His holistic approach to physiotherapy guarantees personalised care for every patient. For those looking to achieve optimal health and wellness, booking an appointment with John at Sandgate PhysioWorks is the first step on your journey to recovery.

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john miller physiotherapist
John Miller – Physiotherapist

Clinical Skills

John’s clinical skills are diverse, incorporating various techniques such as:

and many more.

Special Interests

John’s passion for physiotherapy shines through in his deep-seated interest in treating a wide range of conditions, including:

Neck & Upper Back Conditions:

Headache Management:


Jaw-related Issues

Low Back Pain Treatments:

Hip Pain Solutions

Knee Pain Relief

Ankle/Foot Care

Shoulder Rehabilitation

Book your appointment with John Miller at Sandgate PhysioWorks and embark on a journey towards optimal health and wellness.

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