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Zoe Russell FACP

Specialist Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist

Zoe Russell is a highly qualified and experienced Specialist Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist, having been awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists in 2021. She has been a part of the PhysioWorks team since 2008 and is committed to providing a comprehensive plan to treat her patients’ injuries, enhance their performance, and prevent injury recurrence.

Her extensive experience and knowledge of the demands of both elite and recreational sporting pursuits enable her to conduct thorough assessments, diagnoses, and treatments to help patients achieve their goals. Patients have consistently praised her for being a caring, knowledgeable, and friendly physiotherapist, and she has a particular interest in treating lower limb (hip, knee, and ankle) soft tissue, joint, and tendon injuries, as well as post-surgical rehabilitation of the hip, knee, and ankle.

Zoe is also recognized by the Australian Physiotherapy Association as an expert in athletes and sporting injury management, having completed a two-year training program supervised by some of Australia’s leading physiotherapists and passing a clinical examination that demonstrates her expertise. Her dedication to providing the highest level of care to her patients is evident in her approach to treatment and rehabilitation.

Zoe - Aust Physio

In addition to her work at PhysioWorks, Zoe Russell is a dedicated and experienced Specialist Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist at the Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS), where she works with elite athletes in the Australian Swimming and Sailing programs as they prepare for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

Zoe has a wealth of experience providing physiotherapy to elite sporting teams, including the New Zealand White Ferns Cricket Team, the Australian Dolphins Junior Pan Pacific Swim Team, the Australian Under 20 Athletics Team, and the Australian Sailing Team at the ILCA6 & ILCA7 European Championships 2022. Her expertise in providing physiotherapy at the elite level is further exemplified by her background as a former National level Indoor Netball player who has represented both Queensland and Australia.

Now retired from competitive netball, Zoe continues to stay active and maintain her passion for sports and physical activity through swimming, gym, and trying new sports. Her dedication to staying active and healthy, as well as her extensive experience working with elite athletes, allows her to provide unparalleled care and support to her patients.

Zoe’s Special Interests

Knee Pain

Ankle Injuries

Hip & Groin Pain – including muscle injuries around the thigh and pelvis


Plantar Fasciitis

Elbow, Wrist & Hand

Sports Injuries

Netball Injuries

Other Interests

What is a Specialist Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist?

The title of Specialist Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist (as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists) is reserved for physiotherapists who have successfully passed the clinical examinations set by the college, following completion of a rigorous two-year training program led by Australia’s leading physiotherapists. This program ensures that practitioners meet the standards outlined by the college and are recognized as experts in the field of sports and exercise physiotherapy.

Additionally, physiotherapists may also achieve the title of APA Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist or APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist by completing a Masters degree in the field of sports or musculoskeletal physiotherapy and satisfying the additional requirements of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA).

Specialist Physiotherapists have proven themselves to be highly skilled and knowledgeable practitioners, providing patients with the confidence that they will receive high-quality, evidence-based care from an expert in the field. Choosing a specialist physiotherapist ensures that you will receive the best possible treatment and rehabilitation plan tailored to your specific needs.

Sports Physiotherapist

Zoe works with the following organisations

  • Athletics Australia
  • Swimming Australia (Olympics Program)
  • QAS Swimming
  • Australian Indoor Netball Federation
  • Indoor Netball Federation of Queensland
  • New Zealand White Ferns Cricket Team

Zoe has had previous appointments with the following organisations:

  • Commonwealth Games
  • New Zealand Indoor Netball
  • South Africa Indoor Netball
  • Cricket Tasmania – Hobart Hurricanes WBBL & Tasmanian Tigers WCNL
  • Melbourne Ice (Women’s Ice Hockey)
  • Queensland Academy of Sport – Rugby League
  • Brisbane City Football Club
  • St Josephs School Gregory Terrace

Personal Athletic Experience

Zoe’s experience is not only limited to her role as a Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist! Zoe is also a former National level Indoor Netball player representing both Queensland and Australia. When she is not at PhysioWorks, Zoe enjoys an active lifestyle. In addition to her Netball commitments for Queensland and Australia, Zoe also swims, attends the gym, and plays several recreational sports.

Zoe is a Registered Physiotherapy Provider with:

  • All Private Health Insurance Funds
  • Workcover
  • InjuryNet
  • Medicare
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • NDIS
  • CTP & Sports Insurers