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Physiotherapist & Pilates

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Erin Hickey

Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor

Erin Hickey stands out as a distinguished physiotherapist and Pilates instructor, renowned for her enthusiastic and compassionate care. With a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) from the University of Queensland, Erin’s foundation in the field is as robust as it is prestigious. Her journey doesn’t stop at academic excellence; it extends into a rich tapestry of clinical experience and a dedicated pursuit of special interests.

Comprehensive Care

Erin’s professional focus is broad yet deeply focused. She excels in addressing low back pain, whether it’s the sharp discomfort of an acute episode or the persistent ache of a chronic condition. Her skill set also spans tendon and joint injuries, offering relief and recovery to those in need. Moreover, Erin’s experience in post-operative rehabilitation marks her as a guiding light for patients on the path to recovery.

A fervent runner and triathlete herself, Erin holds a special place in her practice for treating running injuries. This personal passion for athletics not only enriches her understanding but also enhances her ability to connect with and treat fellow athletes.

Pilates: A Core Element of Care

Erin’s enthusiasm for Pilates goes beyond personal interest; it’s a cornerstone of her therapeutic approach. Believing firmly in the benefits of Pilates for body control, strength, and balance, she incorporates this practice into her physiotherapy. With Level 1 Matwork and Reformer Pilates training under her belt, Erin adeptly blends these disciplines, offering patients a unique and effective care pathway.

Her Clinician-Led Group Exercise Classes at Sandgate and Clayfield PhysioWorks are a testament to this integration, providing a supportive and healing environment for all participants.

A Personal Approach to Healing

At the heart of Erin’s practice is a profound commitment to making a real difference in her patients’ lives. She invests time in developing personalised interventions and rehabilitation plans, tailored to meet each individual’s needs. Erin’s dedication to offering effective, friendly, and personalised care is unmatched. She takes pride in her hands-on approach, fostering a strong connection with the Sandgate and surrounding communities as a vital member of the PhysioWorks team.

Your Health, Our Priority

Erin Hickey is not just a physiotherapist; she’s a dedicated professional committed to your well-being. With registrations and qualifications from AHPRA, the Physiotherapy Board of Australia, and the Australian Physiotherapy Association, her credentials speak volumes. She’s also a recognised provider for all major health insurance funds, Workcover, Medicare, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, NDIS, CTP, and sports insurers.

Whether you’re seeking relief from pain, striving to improve your athletic performance, or looking to enhance your overall physical health through Pilates, Erin Hickey is the physiotherapist you can trust.

Conclusion: Take the Step Towards Better Health

Erin Hickey’s journey in physiotherapy and Pilates is one marked by dedication, passion, and a genuine care for her patients. Whether you’re dealing with an injury, recovering from surgery, or simply aiming to improve your physical fitness, Erin’s comprehensive approach ensures tailored, effective treatment plans that align with your personal health goals.

Don’t let pain or injury hold you back. Embrace the opportunity to enhance your health and well-being. For compassionate, personalised care that makes a difference, seek the professional advice of physiotherapist Erin Hickey.

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Registered Physiotherapy Provider with:

  • All Private Health Insurance Funds
  • Workcover
  • Medicare
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  • NDIS
  • CTP and Sports Insurers
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