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Matthew Hewitt


Matthew Hewitt stands out as a highly skilled and compassionate physiotherapist, committed to improving the quality of life for his clients. With a blend of professional experience and a personalised approach, Matthew has become the go-to physiotherapist for those in need of his services.

Educational Journey

Matthew embarked on his physiotherapy career with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the prestigious University of Otago in New Zealand. This comprehensive education, combined with his background in construction trades and as a remedial massage therapist, provides him with a deep understanding of the human body. This unique mix of experiences enriches his physiotherapy practice, making his approach both informed and empathetic.

Matthew is a Watson Headache® Institute Level 1 Foundation Course Attendee.

Areas of Special Interest

Focusing on areas such as low back pain, core stability, headaches, neck pain, posture improvement, and weight-lifting training, Matthew excels in guiding his clients towards improved physical health and mobility. He believes in not just treating conditions but also in understanding and addressing the unique needs of each individual.

Broad Experience

With experience in New Zealand, Matthew’s practice is enriched by a broad and multicultural perspective. Now based in Brisbane, he brings diverse treatment techniques and a wealth of knowledge to his clients. His personal interests in travel, rock climbing, and photography further enhance his ability to connect with clients on various levels.

Services Offered

At the Sandgate Clinic, Matthew provides a wide range of physiotherapy services. Whether it’s headache or neck treatment, osteoporosis management or sports injury rehabilitation, he employs a variety of techniques to create effective, personalised care plans for his clients.

Community and Professional Engagement

Matthew is an active member of the professional community, with affiliations to AHPRA, the Physiotherapy Board of Australia, and the Australian Physiotherapy Association. His services are accessible through various insurance funds and programs, NDIS, Workcover, DVA, and Medicare showcasing his commitment to inclusive care.

Embracing Adventure

Matthew’s love for outdoor activities and adventure mirrors his belief in a balanced, healthy lifestyle. His personal interests not only fuel his growth but also offer a unique perspective to his physiotherapy practice.


Choosing Matthew Hewitt means embarking on a journey towards enhanced health and mobility. His dedication, professionalism, and holistic approach position him as an ideal partner in your health journey. Schedule an appointment at the Sandgate Clinic or book a session online to gain a dedicated ally in your quest for optimal physical health.

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Don’t wait to take the first step towards a healthier life. Seek the professional advice of Matthew Hewitt, a physiotherapist who truly cares about your well-being. Contact the Sandgate Clinic today and experience the difference of a personalised, compassionate approach to physiotherapy.