Why Should You Enjoy the PhysioWorks Difference?

PhysioWorks Brisbane

Friendly & Caring Service

You’ll notice the PhysioWorks team because they are very friendly and caring health professionals. We know that sometimes pain or injury can make you a little less tolerant, so we’ve trained our healthcare team always to greet and treat you like they would a family member or best friend.

Thorough & Unrushed

Everyone should be entitled to individualised professional care. That’s why we book longer initial appointments to ensure that your unhurried first visit will include a thorough and individualised assessment of your injury or problem. This extra time allows us to discuss your short, medium and long-term goals and treatment options before commencing your rehabilitation.

You’ll find that your PhysioWorks healthcare practitioner is not only a great listener but also an excellent treatment planner to focus on your efficient and effective treatment outcome. After all, that’s why you have chosen to see us in the first place.

What is the Aim of Your Initial Consultation?

Because we do spend more time than most physiotherapists thoroughly assessing, by the completion of your initial consultation, we should be able to determine and inform you:

  • What exactly is your problem
  • Why you are experiencing pain or dysfunction etc
  • What you can be doing to correct it
  • How long it will most likely take to recover
  • How to prevent a future recurrence

Your Tailored Treatment Plan

Your physiotherapist will design a specific treatment program specifically for you based on your examination. Your treatment may include hands-on treatment, such as joint manipulation, mobilisation or massage. It will probably also include lots of helpful advice and home exercises. We’ll also use other technology or treatment tools depending upon your needs.

Your treatment will vary depending on your age, sex, sport, work requirements, or lifestyle, so generic therapies tend to be more effective than targeted treatment plans.

As highly-trained exercise prescribers, your physiotherapist will usually instruct you on specific exercises and stretches to undertake at home to assist in your rapid recovery. We’ll also offer you helpful advice to help ease your pain, such as the appropriate resting positions or whether to use heat or ice and precisely for how long.

The result is prompt pain reduction, quicker natural healing and your successful return to full activity, whether work or sport, as soon as possible.

How Long is Your Physiotherapy Appointment?

Allow at least one hour for your initial physiotherapy session. Subsequent treatments are usually 30 to 60 minutes in duration. Your physiotherapist will inform you if additional or less time is required. Complex or multiple regions may require a longer consultation. Our receptionist will happily book an appropriate appointment for your clinical needs.

Do You Need a Referral to Consult a Physiotherapist?

A doctor’s referral is not required to see a physiotherapist in private practice unless you claim a work injury (e.g. Workcover) or other insurance claims. Department of Veterans Affairs patients will require a doctor referral. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident or plan for your treatment to be funded by an insurance company, it is good practice to consult your GP for a referral.

What About Private Health Insurance?

A proportion of treatment costs is rebatable under all higher table private health insurance schemes. The private health insurance rebates do vary considerably depending upon your specific coverage.

What is HICAPS?

PhysioWorks is linked to the HICAPS electronic health fund system, so you can instantly claim your rebate at the time of treatment. You’ll need to present your health insurance card to our receptionist.

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Common FAQs

Physiotherapist Consultation Fees

Each PhysioWorks practitioner has a different fee structure. PhysioWorks physiotherapists have varied experience, education, expertise, and unique interest set of skills. Consultation fees differ depending on who you see, your condition and the best consultation service for you and your health.

Just as you would expect to pay less at a lower fee structure for a new graduate physiotherapist's consultation, our most experienced practitioners generally have a higher fees structure to reflect their acquired knowledge and clinical skills. But, their experience and skillset may fast-track your recovery and save you money in the long run. With a varied fee structure across our team of physiotherapists, we have a cost-effective solution for you. The choice is yours. Please call our friendly reception team for more information.

Private Health Insurance. Private health insurance rebates apply for physiotherapy consultations. Please provide our reception team with your private health insurance card after your consultation. Our Hicaps system provides you with instant private health insurance rebates. Some of our practitioners have preferred provider agreements with some private health insurance funds. For more information, please call your nearest PhysioWorks clinic.

Worker injuries may be eligible for Workcover. You will require your doctor's medical certificate that covers your treatment dates. Please consult your GP for an assessment before booking at PhysioWorks.

Medicare rebates may apply if you have a current referral from your local doctor. Please consult your doctor to see if your health profile is eligible to receive a rebate under the Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Program. Medicare applies strict conditions and is limited to five consultations per year, so please discuss your treatment needs with your GP. Medicare physiotherapy rebates have sadly not increased over many years and are now substantially lower than market rates. The failure of rebates to keep up with the increasing costs of running a healthcare clinic is why most of our physiotherapists can no longer offer bulk bill consultations. Rather than your physiotherapist reducing the time allocated to your appointment and providing a lesser quality service, most practitioners have chosen to provide a standard consultation period. Your Medicare rebate still applies and will reduce your consultation gap.

Pensioner & Healthcare Card Discounts

Some of our practitioners offer discounts for Health Care Card holders and Pensioners. Please call your clinic for details.

We Accept Payment At The Time Of Your Consultation

We ask that you pay all consultation fees after your appointment. We accept payments by cash, Hicaps and credit card.

If you have any additional consultation fee questions, please phone one of our friendly reception team members. They'll happily assist you.

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Article by John Miller

Youth Spinal Pain

Teenager Neck & Back Pain

teenager back pain

Teenagers can be particularly vulnerable to back pain, mainly due to a combination of high flexibility and low muscle strength and posture control.

The competitive athlete and most individuals who exercise regularly or maintain fitness and core stability control are less prone to spine injury and problems due to the strength and flexibility of supporting structures. Luckily, issues involving the lower lumbar spine are rare in athletes and account for less than 10% of sports-related injuries. Injuries do occur in contact sports and with repetitive strain sports. Your physiotherapist can assist in the resolution of any deficits in this area.

Sports such as gymnastics, cricket fast bowlers, and tennis have a higher incidence of associated lumbar spine problems related to repetitive twisting and hyper-bending motions.

Spondylolisthesis is a significant concern and needs to be appropriately treated by a physiotherapist interested in these types of injuries. Luckily, most injuries are minor, self-limited, and respond quickly to physiotherapy treatment.

Common Adolescent Spinal Injuries

Lower Back (Lumbar Spine)

Midback (Thoracic Spine)

Neck (Cervical Spine)


For specific advice regarding youth neck or back pain, please seek the professional advice of your trusted spinal physiotherapist or doctor.

Back Pain Info

Youth Injuries

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