Myoball Massage Therapy Balls

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Myoball Massage Therapy Balls

Myoball is the ultimate solution for all your muscle pain and discomfort, blending the benefits of cryotherapy, heat therapy and massage therapy in a single reusable device. With its ergonomic design, the Myoball effortlessly moves over your skin in any direction, providing maximum comfort and relief.

The Myoball is filled with advanced MyoTech Gel that maintains its temperature for up to 6 hours when cold and 2 hours when hot, making it the perfect tool for any injury recovery or pre-workout routine. The removable ball design also allows you to target hard-to-reach areas, making it ideal for isolating and releasing trigger points.

Trusted by professionals worldwide, Myoball helps relieve muscle pain and stiffness caused by a wide range of conditions, such as DOMS, Plantar Fasciitis, Neck Pain, and Leg Pain, among others. By using Myoball, you can improve your performance, reduce recovery time and prevent future injuries.

The effectiveness of massage has been proven over thousands of years, and Myoball leverages this by rolling over and releasing muscle trigger points and problem areas. Icing the injured area within the first 24 hours constricts blood vessels, reducing blood flow, and reducing swelling, inflammation, pain, and muscle spasm. Heating therapy, on the other hand, increases blood flow, delivering nutrient-enriched blood and oxygen to the applied area, and flushing out any metabolic waste.

Key features of Myoball include:

  • Shortens recovery time
  • Combines the benefits of cryotherapy, heat therapy and massage therapy
  • Relieves muscle soreness and tightness
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling
  • Increases lymphatic and nutrient-rich blood flow
  • Stays cold for 6 hours and hot for 2 hours

Available in two sizes:

  • Small (60mm)
  • Large (80mm)

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm

Small, Large