Posture Brace Oppo 2175


The Posture Brace Oppo 2175 stands out as an innovative tool in posture management, thoughtfully designed to align with physiotherapy insights. It’s an excellent choice for individuals seeking to correct and improve their posture.

Ergonomic Design and Comfort

Crafted with a triangular design, the Oppo 2175 evenly distributes force across the shoulder tips, aiding in the proper alignment of the thoracic spine and scapula. This is key to maintaining an upright posture. The adjustable hook and loop closure ensures a bespoke fit for all body sizes, and the breathable fabric is particularly comfortable in hot weather.

Versatility and User-Friendliness

This brace is versatile and user-friendly, suitable for all ages and can be worn discreetly under or over clothes. This adaptability makes it useful across various settings, be it at home, in the workplace, or during physical activities.

Addressing Postural Concerns

Targeting issues like poor posture, rounded shoulders, weak scapula muscles, and postural fatigue, the Oppo 2175 is an effective tool. These conditions, if ignored, can lead to chronic pain and long-term musculoskeletal complications. Incorporating a posture brace can be part of a comprehensive approach to posture improvement, alongside exercises and lifestyle modifications recommended by physiotherapists​​​​​​.

Correct Application

For optimal results, it’s crucial to wear the brace correctly. Begin by placing the shoulder strap over the shoulder, then secure the abdominal straps around the waist. Cross the straps under the armpits and secure them at the front to achieve the desired compression. This method ensures effective functioning of the brace while maintaining comfort.

Size Options

The Oppo 2175 is available in a range of sizes, from XS to XXXL, catering to a diverse body size spectrum. Choosing the right size is essential for the brace’s effectiveness, so measuring around the chest under the arms is recommended for the best fit.

Conclusion: Key Benefits

In summary, the Posture Brace Oppo 2175 offers a practical, comfortable, and efficacious solution for those aiming to improve their posture. Its design is in harmony with physiotherapy principles, making it a suitable choice for anyone seeking to rectify postural issues and promote spinal health.

Adopting this brace as part of your daily regimen, along with following a physiotherapist’s guidance, represents a significant step towards a healthier, more assured posture.

Which Size?

Size (cm)
S 64.1 – 76.5
M 76.5 – 89.2
L 89.2 – 104.5
XL 104.5 – 117.2
XXL 117.2 – 129.9

Note: Measure around scapula under arm.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 43 × 10 cm

S, M, L, XL, XXL