AllCare Ortho AFO Deluxe

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AllCare Ortho AFO Deluxe

The AllCare Ortho AFO Deluxe is a premium orthotic device designed for individuals with flaccid drop foot. It offers exceptional support and comfort to enhance their mobility.

The device features a semi-rigid calf section that helps to ensure toe clearance and stability whilst walking. This design element is crucial for people with flaccid drop foot as it provides the necessary support for a secure gait.

In addition, the AllCare Ortho AFO Deluxe also has a thin and flexible foot plate. This feature makes it easy to trim and customise the device to each individual’s unique needs. The flexibility of the foot plate ensures maximum comfort and minimises the risk of pressure sores.

Whether you’re looking for improved mobility, increased comfort, or simply a more stable gait, the AllCare Ortho AFO Deluxe is the ideal solution for anyone living with flaccid drop foot.

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Allcare Ortho Afo Deluxe
AllCare Ortho AFO Deluxe



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