Core Stability Belt AOM38

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AOM38 AllCare Ortho Core Stability Belt

Enhance Your Core Stability with the AOM38 AllCare Belt

Elevate your pelvic health with the AOM38 AllCare Ortho Core Stability Belt. Expertly designed to offer unparalleled pelvic support, this belt is essential for anyone experiencing sacroiliac joint (SIJ) issues, SIJ pain, or instability. It’s also highly beneficial for post-partum recovery, providing gentle yet effective support.

Key Features

  • Non-Elastic Pelvic Belt: Ensures firm support, maintaining pelvic alignment.
  • Adjustable Elastic Straps: Customise the compression level to suit your needs.
  • Non-Slip Inner Lining: Guarantees the belt stays in position, offering consistent support.
  • Targeted SIJ and Pubic Symphysis Support: Ideal for conditions like SIJ Hypomobility and pain, enhancing core stability.


  • Promotes Pelvic Stability: Vital for both injury recovery and daily activities.
  • Enhances Core Stabilisation: Supports overall body mechanics and posture.
  • Versatile and Comfortable: Suitable for a wide range of activities, ensuring comfort and effectiveness.
  • Aids Post-Partum Recovery: Supports the body in regaining strength and stability after childbirth.


Incorporating a physiotherapist’s insight, the AOM38 AllCare Ortho Core Stability Belt is more than just a support garment. It’s a tool to regain, maintain, and enhance your core and pelvic health, integral to overall well-being. Available in sleek black, it’s a discreet yet powerful ally in your health journey.

Injury Information: SIJ Pain

Sizing Chart

Measure around hips just above greater trochanter (cm):

Allcare Ortho Core Stability Belt (AOM38)
Allcare Ortho Core Stability Belt (Aom38)

Additional information

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Dimensions 5 × 14 × 9 cm

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