Post-Operative Knee Support Oppo 1032

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Post-Operative Knee Support Oppo 1032

Enhanced Stability and Support

The Oppo 1032 offers unparalleled support for individuals recovering from knee surgeries, such as arthroscopy. Its design focuses on stabilising the knee, a crucial aspect in post-operative care. By maintaining proper knee alignment, the Oppo 1032 aids in a faster and safer recovery.

Customisable Compression

Adjustable compression is key to managing post-operative swelling and pain. The Oppo 1032’s hook and loop closures allow for easy adjustments. This feature is vital for accommodating changes in swelling during the recovery process, as endorsed by physiotherapists.

Ease of Use

Its front opening design simplifies the process of putting on and taking off the brace, making it user-friendly for individuals with limited mobility. This design ensures that users can adjust the brace without assistance, promoting independence in the recovery journey.

Versatile Pain Relief

Not only is the Oppo 1032 ideal for post-surgical recovery, but it’s also effective for general knee pain, arthritis, sprains, and strains. The support it provides helps in reducing pain and improving mobility, aspects that are often highlighted in physiotherapy care for knee conditions.

Physiotherapist Recommended

Physiotherapists often recommend braces like the Oppo 1032 as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. This brace complements physiotherapy exercises by providing additional support and stability to the knee during the healing process.

Key Benefits and Conclusion

The Post-Operative Knee Support Oppo 1032 stands out as an essential tool for anyone recovering from knee surgery or experiencing knee pain. Its adjustable compression, ease of use, and versatile pain relief capabilities make it a top choice recommended by physiotherapists. Integrating this brace into your recovery plan can lead to reduced pain, improved mobility, and a quicker return to daily activities.

Injury info: Knee Pain

Sizing Chart:

Measure knee circumference at mid patella in standing (cm):

Small 13 ⅛ – 14 ¾ “ 33.3 – 37.5cm
Medium 14 ¾ – 16 “ 37.5 – 40.6cm
Large 16 – 17 ¾ “ 40.6 – 45.1cm
X-Large 17 ¾ – 19 ¾ “ 45.1 – 50.2cm


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