23cm Ice/Hot Bag

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Ice/Hot Bag (9 inches)

Introducing the Ice/Hot Bag (9 inches) – your versatile companion for natural pain relief through both ice and heat therapy.


  1. Dual Functionality: This bag offers the convenience of both ice and heat therapy, catering to your specific pain relief needs.
  2. Natural Pain Relief: Whether you prefer the soothing coolness of ice or the comforting warmth of heat, this bag provides a natural and effective solution for pain relief.

How to Use:

For Cold Therapy:

  • Fill the bag 2/3 with ice, cold water, or a combination of both.
  • Apply directly to the desired area, providing targeted relief.

For Heat Therapy:

  • Fill the bag 2/3 with warm water (not exceeding 45°C).
  • Apply the bag directly to the desired area, experiencing the relaxing warmth of heat therapy.


  1. Reduce Swelling: The cold therapy function is ideal for minimizing swelling, inflammation, and promoting recovery.
  2. Headache Relief: Ease tension headaches or migraines by applying the cold pack to the forehead or neck.
  3. Relax Tight Joints or Muscles: Whether it’s aching joints or tense muscles, the dual functionality of this bag allows you to choose between hot and cold therapy for personalized relief.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of the Ice/Hot Bag (9 inches) for a variety of applications. Whether it’s recovering from an injury, soothing headaches, or relaxing tight muscles, this bag is a must-have for your natural pain relief toolkit.

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