FlexiPillow- Harmony Pillow

Experience Superior Comfort with the Harmony Pillow

Unmatched Support for Restful Sleep

Discover the Harmony Pillow, a masterpiece crafted by health experts to enhance your sleep experience. This luxurious pillow features high-quality memory foam, delivering an adaptable support that perfectly contours to your neck and shoulders. It’s the ultimate solution for a tranquil and restorative sleep.

Innovative Design for All Sleepers

The Harmony Pillow stands out with its unique contoured double lobe design. Measuring 13.5cm and 11.5cm, it caters to both back and side sleepers, ensuring proper sleep posture. The addition of a removable 2cm base allows for height adjustments, making it a perfect fit for various body types.

Eco-Friendly Comfort

Encased in a deluxe, eco-friendly Tencel-infused fabric, the pillow offers an anti-bacterial surface that’s both soft and inviting. Its convolutions enhance air flow, guaranteeing a cool, refreshing sleep environment. Plus, with a removable and washable cover, upkeep is effortless.

Health Professional Endorsed

Backed by a solid 5-year warranty, the Harmony Pillow is highly recommended by physiotherapists across Australia. This endorsement reflects its excellence in providing comfort, support, and a rejuvenating sleep experience. Upgrade your nights with the Harmony Pillow, meticulously designed for your ultimate rest.

Additional information

Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 57 × 35 × 12 cm