Ice Pack – Lockeroom Ice Mate Pro

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Ease Your Pain with the Lockeroom Ice Mate Pro

Rapid Relief for Injuries

The Lockeroom Ice Mate Pro is an innovative solution for managing a variety of injuries. Made of high-quality neoprene, this wrap efficiently holds two ice packs, ensuring targeted compression and effective pain relief. Whether you’re dealing with joint, muscle, tendon, or ligament injuries, the Ice Mate Pro is designed to provide fast and efficient relief.

Versatile and Convenient

Perfect for use in sports, at home, or in a club setting, this product is a versatile tool for managing common injuries such as bruises, headaches, and stings. The neoprene material not only ensures durability but also provides a comfortable fit, allowing you to move freely while wearing it.

Complete Package for Your Comfort

Each package includes one neoprene wrap and two reusable ice packs, making it easy to start your recovery journey. The ice packs can be filled with ice or stored in the freezer for ready-to-use convenience.

Key Benefits

  • Provides targeted compression for effective pain management
  • Made from durable and comfortable neoprene
  • Ideal for a range of injuries, from joint pain to muscle strains
  • Suitable for sports, home, and club use
  • Includes two reusable ice packs for continuous relief


The Lockeroom Ice Mate Pro stands out as a reliable and effective solution for pain management and injury recovery. Its unique design and versatility make it an essential tool for athletes and anyone in need of quick pain relief.

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