Knee Immobiliser – OPPO 4030

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Knee Immobiliser OPPO 4030

Enhanced Mobility and Comfort

Optimal Support and Stabilisation

The OPP4030 Knee Immobiliser expertly supports and stabilises your leg and knee joint. Designed with the expertise of physiotherapists, it aims to provide comfort while ensuring the knee joint remains immobilised, particularly after surgery or injury. The foam padding is meticulously engineered to minimise slippage and resist fraying, guaranteeing durability and comfort.

Advanced Design for Effective Healing

Aluminium stays are strategically incorporated to maintain proper knee positioning, crucial for effective healing. The compression feature is designed to reduce swelling and oedema, a common post-injury or post-surgery issue. This aligns with physiotherapy principles focusing on reducing inflammation to speed up recovery.

User-Friendly Application

Ease of use is a highlight of the OPP4030. The hook and loop closure ensures quick, secure, and hassle-free application and removal. Adjustability is key, with straps that can be modified for desired compression levels, allowing for a personalised fit. The immobiliser is available in three different heights (18″, 20″, and 23″), catering to a wide range of users.

Simple Usage Instructions

For optimal use, simply wrap the immobiliser around the knee, position the stays for proper support, secure the closure, and adjust the straps for the desired level of compression. It’s ideal for use after surgery or an injury, to keep the knee joint immobilised in an extended position.

Key Benefits

  • Expert support and stabilisation for the knee joint.
  • High-quality materials ensure durability and comfort.
  • Designed with physiotherapy principles to aid recovery.
  • Easy to apply and adjust for a personalised fit.
  • Available in multiple sizes for a tailored fit.

For more detailed information on the benefits of knee immobilisers in physiotherapy, visit your PhysioWorks physiotherapist.

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Sizing for a Perfect Fit

Measuring for the right fit is straightforward. Measure the thigh circumference 10cm above the mid-patella to find the most suitable size.

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
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45cm/18", 50cm/20", 57.5cm/23"


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