Which PhysioWorks Clinics Stock Products?

Clinic Product Availability

At PhysioWorks clinics, we maintain a diverse selection of products to cater to various needs. However, given the wide array of stock and sizes, our clinics primarily offer a limited assortment of items on-site. Our main focus lies in providing excellent client care, and that’s where our in-person product availability is concentrated. For a more extensive selection, we’ve established an efficient online store linked to our warehouse system. This system ensures that products are promptly dispatched to your location upon online ordering, enabling us to maintain competitive pricing.

If you prefer a hands-on approach and wish to collect products from a nearby PhysioWorks clinic, you do have the option to do so. It’s worth noting, however, that additional charges related to shipping and handling will be applicable.

For accurate information about product availability, we kindly encourage you to get in touch with PhysioWorks directly. They can provide insights into whether the specific product you’re interested in is currently in stock. Feel free to reach out to them via phone to inquire about the availability of your desired product.

Sandgate PhysioWorks

Among our clinics, Sandgate PhysioWorks boasts the most extensive range of products. You can find us conveniently located at:

We’re here to cater to your physiotherapy and product needs.

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