Which PhysioWorks Clinics Stock Products?

Clinic Product Availability

Patient receiving a moon boot fitting for an ankle injury at PhysioWorks clinic
Moon Boot For An Ankle Injury

At PhysioWorks, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of clinic products to meet various needs. Our clinics focus on exceptional client care, with a selection of items available on-site. For a broader range, explore our efficient online store, directly linked to our warehouse for prompt dispatching.

Product Range and Availability

Each PhysioWorks clinic, including our flagship Sandgate PhysioWorks, stocks a diverse product range. For specific requirements or sizes, our online store offers an expanded selection at competitive prices.

In-Person Experience

Prefer a hands-on approach? Collect your products from a nearby PhysioWorks clinic. Please call your nearest clinic to see if they hold the product that you are seeking, including the size. Our Sandgate Clinic holds our largest in-clinic stock range.

Sandgate PhysioWorks

Among our clinics, Sandgate PhysioWorks boasts the most extensive range of products. You can find us conveniently located at:

Contacting PhysioWorks

For up-to-date product information, contact PhysioWorks directly. We’re here to help with your physiotherapy and product needs.

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