Allcare Exercise Putty




AllCare Exercise Putty

Revolutionise Hand Rehabilitation: AllCare Exercise Putty

Empowering Hand Strength and Flexibility

Experience the transformative power of AllCare Exercise Putty, a cutting-edge tool designed to rejuvenate hand strength and flexibility. Ideal for those recovering from hand injuries or seeking to boost their hand capabilities, this exercise putty stands out as a must-have in your rehabilitation journey.

Four Dynamic Resistance Levels for Customised Therapy

Each colour represents a unique resistance level in our spectrum: Yellow (Soft), Red (Soft Medium), Green (Medium), and Blue (Firm). This range ensures every individual finds their perfect match for resistance training, catering to all stages of recovery and strength building.

Colour-Coded for Ease and Efficiency

Gone are the days of confusion! Our colour-coded system simplifies selection, allowing users and therapists to swiftly pick the right resistance level. This intuitive design promotes a seamless therapeutic experience, focusing on effective hand exercises without the hassle.

Safe, High-Quality Material

Crafted from non-toxic, non-oily silicon, our latex-free putty guarantees a clean, safe therapeutic experience. Its unique composition ensures a smooth, pliable texture, delivering optimal resistance for the most beneficial exercises.

Benefits: Transform Your Hand’s Capabilities

From enhancing range of motion to improving finger flexion and grip strength, AllCare Exercise Putty is your ally in hand therapy. Whether it’s for rehabilitation, physical therapy, or general hand strengthening, this tool is a game-changer.

Choose Your Size: Versatility at Your Fingertips

Available in 85g and 450g tubs, AllCare Exercise Putty caters to individual needs as well as clinical demands. Select the size that best fits your personal or professional use.

Step into a world of improved hand function with AllCare Exercise Putty. Tailor your hand therapy with our versatile tool and embrace the journey towards stronger, more flexible hands.

Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 cm

Soft, Medium Soft, Medium, Firm


450g, 85g


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