What are Growing Pains?

Article by John Miller

Growing Pains

Growing Pains are a concern for most teenagers, pre-teens and their parents. As a rule, growing pains are poorly understood and often brushed aside as something you must go through during adolescence. This brushing is not necessarily accurate. Most “growing pains” can be eliminated or at least eased with some quality care and attention.

What Causes “Growing Pains”?

A prevalent time to suffer “growing pains” is when your bones are quickly lengthening. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen naturally. Musculoskeletal tension increases if your muscles do not lengthen adequately, pulling on the soft bone growth plates. Consequently, your muscles also have to extend to keep an average “muscle length-tension ratio”.

Commonly we find that those kids who suffer “growing pains” have excessively tight muscles that cause their pain.

What Can Be Done to Help Growing Pain?

As you would be well aware, not everyone can be a contortionist! The good news is that your physiotherapist skill set includes assessing your child’s standard muscle length. Immediately after their assessment, your child will be prescribed corrective techniques to lengthen any tight soft tissue. Every child is different, and they do have individual genetics. Therefore, your child’s improvement rate, methods used, or exercises performed will vary from individual to individual.

What Results Can You Expect?

Luckily, growing pains usually disappear within days or just a few weeks once the correct treatment commences. Considering that most untreated “growing pains” can last 18 months or more, that’s excellent news for your child. Why let your child needlessly suffer when there is a straightforward, safe and effective solution available?

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