Post-Operative Physiotherapy

Article by John Miller

Why is Post-Operative Physiotherapy Beneficial?

The success of your surgery doesn’t finish the moment you leave the operating theatre. A famous quote: “The only place ‘success’ comes before ‘work’ is in the dictionary.” Vidal Sassoon.

Your surgeon will have skillfully performed a surgical procedure that is the initial step towards your successful outcome. However, you’ll have to do some work in the form of exercises to optimise your results.

Your physiotherapist will provide you with simple exercises to minimise chest infection or DVT complications when in the hospital. They may prescribe some early strengthening or range of motion exercises. Once discharged, you’ll usually require re-assessment and checking of your progress.

Post-orthopaedic surgery, you’ll almost certainly require exercise progression to regain your strength, flexibility, and function fully. Optimise your prompt return to life by consulting an experienced physiotherapist. Based on their assessment, they’ll prescribe the most appropriate exercise for you and discuss your post-operative treatment.

At PhysioWorks, we’ll happily assist you in your post-operative care. We are familiar with the treatment protocols prescribed by most Orthopaedic Surgeons. We’ll happily liaise with your surgeon to determine any specific requirements based on your surgery.

Common Surgeries Requiring Post-Operative Care


Shoulder Reconstruction, Shoulder Stabilisation, Rotator Cuff Repair, Acromioplasty, Manipulation, Capsulotomy, Fracture


Tennis Elbow Release, Golfers Elbow Release, Fracture

Wrist & Hand

Carpal Tunnel Release, Fracture, Tendon Repairs


Hip Replacements/Resurfacing, Hip labral repairs, Hip Arthroscopy, Fracture


Knee Replacements, ACL and Ligament Reconstruction, Knee Arthroscopy, Meniscal Repairs, Chondroplasty, Lateral Release, Patella Tendon Transfer, Fracture


Achilles Tendon Repairs, Fasciotomy

Ankle & Foot

Ankle Reconstruction, Ligament Repairs, Arthroscope, Fracture, Spur Removal, Bunionectomy

Spine (Neck & Back)

Discectomy, Micro-discectomy, Laminectomy, Spinal Fusion/Stabilisation

Individualised Post-Operative Physiotherapy

At PhysioWorks, we’ll work with you to develop a tailor-made rehabilitation program to ensure you make the best possible recovery in the quickest time. Whatever your needs, we’ll get you back to your work, sport or day to day activities ASAP.

If you have been a surgical patient, it is always beneficial to inform your surgeon that you would like to return for post-operative care at PhysioWorks.

You can make an appointment with PhysioWorks at any stage. Seek their advice if you believe you are not making satisfactory progress in your recovery or if your mobility is compromised.

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