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Sports Injury Insurance

Are You Covered By Your Association Registration?

Check the links below or visit your sport’s association website for sports insurance information.

AFL Queensland

All players registered with an affiliated AFL Queensland Junior Football Club enjoy the benefits of Platinum coverage under a Personal Injury policy.

Player Insurance Coverage and Claims

Baseball Australia

Basketball Australia


Boxing Australia

Cricket Australia

Cycling Australia

Equestrian Queensland

FFA Football (Soccer)

FFA Registered players are covered by FFA’s “Sportscover Insurance”.

Gymnastics Australia

Hockey Australia

Ice Hockey Australia

Ice Skating Australia

Netball Australia

Rowing Australia


Rugby Australia

Rugby Australia has arranged the National Risk Management and Insurance Programme on behalf of our Member Unions, their Affiliate Unions, Clubs and Referee Associations.

All Clubs affiliated with Rugby Australia and/or the various Member Unions are automatically covered under the National Risk Management and Insurance Programme annually.

Rugby League Queensland

QLD Rugby League

Skate Australia

Skate Australia

Softball Australia

Softball Australia

Swimming Australia

Squash Australia

Squash Australia

Touch Football Australia

Triathlon Australia


Touch Rugby League

Volleyball Australia

Water Polo Australia

Weightlifting Australia


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