What are the Signs of an Unsupportive Pillow?

Neck Pain, Stiffness or Headaches?

If you’re having restless sleep or waking with neck pain, stiffness or headaches, your pillow could be the culprit.

A good night’s sleep is dependent on a healthy sleeping position and a good pillow. A good pillow will support your head in natural alignment with your spine. Only a pillow offering good support and adjustability can do this.

What’s the Classic Signs of an Unsupportive Pillow?

Most quality pillows will only last you three to four years before you need to change. Having said that, some of the lesser quality pillows will only remain supportive for a few months.

The problem is that pillows internal supportive material breaks down with use and time. Whether your pillow is feather, foam, memory foam, rubber, latex of any other natural or synthetic product, they all eventually disintegrate with time and use.

If you are consistently having the following trouble it’s time to change your pillow.

  • Waking during the night or in the morning with a stiff neck, neck pain or headache.
  • Restless or interrupted sleep with difficulty going off to sleep.

Another sure sign is an improved sleep when you visit a friend, borrow your partners pillow or stay in a hotel.

If any of these sound like you, it’s time to change your pillow.

Maybe it’s NOT Your Pillow!

Sometimes there is simply no pillow in the world that is best for you.


If you have a neck injury, pain or stiffness you may not have the available pain-free range of neck motion to allow you to have a comfortable pain-free sleep. The solution on this occasion is to have your neck professionally assessed and treated. Often just one quality treatment of your neck will solve years of sleeping difficulties.

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