How Do I Know If My Knee Injury Is Serious?

How Do I Know If My Knee Injury Is Serious?

Article by Zoe Russell

How Do I Know If My Knee Pain/Injury Is Serious?

What can cause Knee Pain Without Injury | Bowen Hefley Orthopedics

Knee Pain & Injury can be debilitating to our activity. All knee pain needs to be thoroughly assessed and a treatment plan put in place –  it is not normal to have knee pain!

However, some injuries need more urgent review – the following tips can help you out!

How To Know If Your Knee Pain Is Serious:

  • Pain that is worsening or not improving
  • Swelling in the Knee
    • A large amount of Swelling can indicate a significant injury to the bone, or the main stabilising ligament structures, particularly after having a specific incident.
    • Swelling that occurs in the absence of an injury or for no reason, should also be seen to promptly!
  • Locking
    • your knee gets “stuck” or “locked” and you cannot straighten or bend your knee.
  • Giving Way
    • Your knee collapses on you, especially when turning or changing direction.

These signs are signs that there may be a structural concern that may affect your long term knee health. It is important NOT to panic, but book your PhysioWorks Physiotherapist without delay to start your rehabilitation program and put your knee back on track!!

PhysioWorks offers same day appointments for the prompt diagnosis and treatment plan for your knee pain!

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