Gerontology Physiotherapy

Gerontology Physiotherapy

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    Article by Andrew Waldie

    gerontology physiotherapy

    What is Gerontology Physiotherapy?

    Essentially Gerontology Physiotherapy is Rehabilitation of the Elderly.

    Gerontology Physiotherapy aims to:

    • Promote healthy and active ageing
    • Maximise quality of life and mobility
    • Improve vitality, strength, fitness and balance
    • Prevent and educate in regard to chronic disease management
    • Assist with pain management
    • Actively facilitate exercise participation
    • Assess and treat various conditions associated with ageing including arthritis, hip fracture, Parkinson’s disease and stroke
    • Rehabilitate mobility and function after illness or surgery

    Physiotherapists in Gerontology work in:

    • Community and home based programs
    • Acute care hospitals
    • Residential aged care facilities
    • Rehabilitation facilities
    • Hydrotherapy pools
    • Falls and Balance Clinics
    • Research and education

    Special Interest Areas include:

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