Why Does Back Pain Recur?

Chronic Back Pain

If you suffer back pain, you’ll know that it has a nasty habit of returning. Not only is it painful, but it can interfere with your work, sport or just everyday life.

Acute back pain usually settles with conventional spinal treatment. However, the recurrence rate is extremely high. In fact, there’s an 84% chance of recurrence within one year! (Hides et al 2001)

Why Do You Keep Getting Back Pain?

Researchers discovered that a couple of deep muscles in your abdomen and lower back need to contract to support your spine. When they work correctly, you’re much less likely to suffer back pain. The bad news is that these muscles turn off every time you suffer back pain and don’t automatically turn on again. This leaves your back at risk of injury.

However, the good news is these deep muscles in your abdomen and lower back can easily be retrained. The most effective retraining method is via real-time ultrasound. The chance of lower back pain (LBP) recurrence within one year is reduced significantly.

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