Is Using An Exercise Ball As An Office Chair A Good Idea?


Is Sitting on an Exercise Ball Good for You?

You may not realise it, but most of us have poor posture. Unfortunately, this causes long term wear and tear on the spine.  When used as a chair, the Swiss Exercise Ball encourages you to adjust your pelvis while sitting consistently. In addition to creating better circulation in your spine, gentle bouncing and balance reactions will improve your vital postural muscles’ strength in your back.

How Do You Use An Exercise Ball As A Chair?

The key to safe sitting upon an exercise ball is to have the appropriate height for you. You’ll need one that lifts your seat bones just above your knee so that your thigh angle slopes slightly down from your groin to your knees. Otherwise, your lower back will curve in the wrong direction, which is a high risk of developing lower back pain.

But, once you have this ball height issue sorted, an exercise ball can successfully be used as an office chair to stimulate your postural sitting muscles as you work. This automatic muscle activation saves you time exercising those important back stability muscles, plus provides a pain-free office chair.

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