Everyway iStim EV-820 TENS Machine

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Everyway iStim EV-820 TENS Machine

Overview of the Device

The Everyway iStim EV-820 TENS Machine offers advanced technology for managing chronic pain and discomfort. It features five unique modes – Burst, Normal, Modulation, SD1, and SD2 – each providing a specific massage experience. The device includes 12 preset programmes for targeted muscle groups and areas, and comes with a complete treatment package​​.

Effectiveness in Pain Relief

Recent studies support the use of TENS for various pain types, highlighting the Everyway iStim TENS Machine as a valuable component in pain relief regimens​​.

Accessibility and Affordability

Most Australian private health insurers offer rebates on the Everyway iStim TENS Machine, making it a cost-effective option for pain relief. A recommendation from a doctor or physiotherapist can further enhance its appeal​​.

Mechanism of Action

The Everyway iStim TENS Machine uses TENS therapy to activate the body’s natural pain relief mechanisms, disrupting pain signals at the sensory level and stimulating endogenous opioids at the motor level​​.

Guarantee and Support

PhysioWorks offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on the Everyway iStim TENS Machine. Their team provides assistance to ensure you find the right TENS machine for your needs​​.

Usage Considerations Consultation with a healthcare professional is essential before using the TENS Machine. It should be part of a comprehensive pain management strategy, supervised by professionals for safe and effective use​​.

Key Benefits

  • Customisable Pain Relief: Adjust settings to individual needs.
  • Non-Invasive Therapy: Endorsed by physiotherapists for pain management.
  • Portable and User-Friendly: Compact design with clear LCD display.
  • Health Insurance Rebates: A cost-effective solution.
  • Professional Support: Access to PhysioWorks expertise​​.

Integrating TENS Machine into Your Pain Management Plan

The Everyway iStim TENS Machine is a gateway to personalised pain management. Collaborating with a physiotherapist can effectively integrate this technology into your pain management strategy​​.

Safety and Compliance

Always use the TENS machine as directed and consult a healthcare professional for continued use and if symptoms persist​​.


The Everyway iStim EV-820 TENS Machine is a technologically advanced, physiotherapist-recommended device for customisable, non-invasive pain relief. It’s a valuable tool in comprehensive pain management strategies, enhanced by professional support and potential health insurance rebates. For more information on TENS machines and their role in physiotherapy, visit PhysioWorks.

For more detailed information and advice on TENS machines and their application in physiotherapy, visit TENS Machines.

TENS Machine FAQs


Use your TENS machine only as directed. A TENS machine is an electronic medical devices. Always read the label and instruction manual. A TENS machine may assist you in modest short-term pain relief. Consult your doctor or healthcare professional before use and if symptoms persist.

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