Why are Physioworks Massage Therapists in High Demand?

Experience the Difference!

Have you ever experienced a lousy massage. wondered about the massage quality you could receive. or if it’s actually legitimate?

Yes, there’s a huge difference between people claiming to be “massage therapists” and exactly what service you’ll receive when you get there. That’s why at PhysioWorks, we only engage the services of tertiary qualified remedial massage therapists with a minimum of three years full-time training.

Their training guarantees you’ll receive a far more beneficial massage than a simple skin rub!

What Massage Styles Does PhysioWorks Offer?

Our registered remedial massage therapists perform a broad range of specialised massage styles and techniques that include deep tissue, sports massage, acupressure, Swedish, cross-fibre, trigger point therapy, relaxation, aromatherapy and more.

You’ll benefit from their experience and training to perform the most appropriate massage specifically for you and your condition. Of course, they’ll ask you what style you’d prefer. We wouldn’t want to give you a firm sports massage if all you wanted was some tender loving care.

It’s Easy to Relax, Rehabilitate or Rejuvenate with a PhysioWorks Massage.

Please call us if you think you’d benefit from a fantastic massage. Gift vouchers and private health insurance rebates are also available.

Experienced? You Bet!

Private Health Insurance Rebates Available

A fantastic PhysioWorks massage may be more affordable than you think. Your private health insurance usually pays for the majority of your massage, leaving you with only a few dollars to pay for the gap. For more details please contact your nearest PhysioWorks Massage Clinic.

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