What Helps Muscle Strains Heal Faster?

John Miller Physiotherapist

Article by John Miller

What Helps Muscle Strains Heal Faster?

Muscle Strain Treatment

Muscle strain treatment will vary depending on your health professional’s accurate diagnosis. The severity of your muscle strain and what function or loads your injured muscle will need to cope with will impact the length of your healing and rehabilitation process.

Until you’ve been accurately diagnosed with a muscle strain, use the following guidelines:

  • Ice and a compression bandage.
  • Elevate the injured region swells.
  • If it’s painful to walk, you should be using crutches.
  • Cease or reduce your exercise or activity level to where you feel no pain.

Muscle strain can take a few days to several weeks to rehabilitate successfully. Please seek the advice of your physiotherapist, doctor, or health care practitioner who specialises in muscle injuries, e.g. massage therapist, to guide your treatment.

Common Treatments for Muscle Strain

Many treatment options are available to your physiotherapist to assist in rehabilitating your muscle strain. Please seek their professional advice.

Acute Muscle Strain Treatment

Subacute Muscle Strain Treatment

Later Stage Muscle Strain Treatment Options

Other Factors to Consider

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