John Perrier

John Perrier

Principal Physiotherapist

Practice Principal Physiotherapist

John Perrier graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree in 1988 and is currently the principal of two Brisbane PhysioWorks practices (Bulimba and Mansfield). He is also the founding chairman of the PhysioWorks group. Perrier has many interests across the spectrum of musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

Perrier has published a nationally best-selling book entitled Back Pain: How to Get Rid of it Forever, which includes a unique classification system for back pain. It has now sold over 10,000 copies. The book was critically acclaimed, not just by physiotherapists but also by chiropractors, osteopaths and medical doctors.

Perrier has appeared in various media, talking or writing on back pain, sports treatment and general health issues. These media appearances include television (Brisbane Extra, The Shak), print media (Women’s Day and Good Medicine magazines, the Courier Mail and the Sunday Mail) and radio (numerous live appearances on ABC and 4BC talkback radio). See below for some examples.

Perrier also has a keen interest in sports physiotherapy, having worked as a team physiotherapist for two first division sporting clubs (AFL and Football) and treated countless other sportspeople. He has also studied at the Australian Institute of Sport, working on elite basketball players, swimmers and athletes.

Perrier has worked as an industry ergonomic consultant, successfully helping companies alleviate high worker injury rates, and lectured on back pain management to various organisations. He has also done the pre-employment screening for many companies.

Other physiotherapy involvement over his career includes consulting to Greenslopes Private Hospital and various other aged care facilities such as Tricare. He has undertaken extensive research into the psychological aspects of pain and injury, including how they affect musculoskeletal pain, and has published a book on this topic.

In May 2016, Bulimba PhysioWorks celebrated its 25th birthday, with the Mansfield Centre only four years behind. In his career so far, Perrier has treated nearly 100 000 patients and hopes that every one of them felt better for the experience.

Media Downloads

2UE - Back Pain - Radio Interview with John Perrier 2UE – Back Pain – Radio Interview with John Perrier (12361 KB)

ABC Radio - John Perrier ABC Radio – John Perrier (14517 KB)

Using your Brain to get rid of your Pain - Sample 1 Using your Brain to get rid of your Pain – Sample 1 (3153 KB)

Using your Brain to get rid of your Pain - Sample 2 Using your Brain to get rid of your Pain – Sample 2 (2584 KB)

Other Achievements

  • Founding and current president of the PhysioWorks group
  • Author Back Pain: How to get rid of it Forever
  • 2002 Winner University of Queensland Enterprize competition
  • Inventor and developer of the RESUSS-C medical device


Secondary School

  • Graduated in 1984 from Villanova College, Coorparoo
  • Tertiary entrance score of 990
  • Medal of Excellence for Fine Arts
  • Medal of Excellence for Academic Achievement
  • ‘Very High Achievement’ attained in all subjects
  • T.A.S. champion and school record holder over 1500m track race

Tertiary Education

  • University of Queensland
  • Completed Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree in May 1988
  • Full list of results available on request

Professional Associations

  • Member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association for 15 years.
  • Member of the Physiotherapy Business Australia (formerly the Private Practitioners Group) for 12 years.
  • Member of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Australia
  • Member of Sports Physiotherapy Australia.

Ongoing Education

Major physiotherapy courses (Those of 2 days or more)

  • World Physiotherapy Conference – Sydney (4 days)
  • World PPG conference – Hong Kong (4 days)
  • Craig Allingham shoulder (2 days)
  • Mark Comerford – Shirley Sahrmann muscle balance (2 days)
  • Janelle Dixon – SIJ (2 days)
  • Brian Mulligan – NAGS and SNAGS (2 days)
  • Marketing in private practice – Kevin Kahalane (2 days)

Minor physiotherapy courses – approximately 4-6 per year on a wide variety of subjects. Includes:

  • Neural tension lectures – David Butler, Bob Elvey
  • Various lectures from Sports Medicine Australia
  • Lectures from Dr Mark Young, Sports Physician
  • PhysioWorks group inservices and management meetings
  • Intrapractice inservices
  • A.P.A. weekly review sessions
  • ICU update course
  • Other courses
  • SIT (Strategy, Investment and Trade) business course with Corporation Builders, Millhouse IAG. 12 weeks.

Clinical Research

  • Completed clinical research on the prevention of pneumonia and chest infections in unconscious or semi-conscious subjects in May 2004.
  • Research centred on the use of a novel medical device invented by self-called the RESUSS-C. This device simulates an artificial cough in patients who are otherwise unable to do this.
  • Co-authored with Dr Jennifer Nitz B. Phty, M. Phty, PhD, SHRS (the University of Queensland ) and Dr Peter Cook MBBS, FANZA, FFICANZCA (Head of Mater Adult Hospital Intensive Care Unit.)
  • The Paper has been submitted to an internationally renowned journal for publication.
  • Upcoming study: phase two of RESUSS-C study. Co-authors as above.

Physiotherapy Career Summary

May 1988 – May 1991:

  • Hospital and private practice short term contract work and locums.

May 1991- present:

  • Established the Bulimba PhysioWorks Centre.
  • Remain as current practice principal.

1991-1993 and 1999

  • Physiotherapist for the Morningside Australian Rules Australian Rules Football Club (Q.A.F.L. first division side)


  • Club physiotherapist for Eastern Suburbs Soccer Club. (Q.S.A. semi-professional division one side.)

June 1995 – present:

  • Established the Mansfield PhysioWorks Centre.
  • Remain as current practice principal.

1993 – present:

  • Current and founding Chairman of the PhysioWorks group, a co-operative of up to fourteen Brisbane-based physiotherapy practices.

1999 – 2001:

  • Attending physiotherapist (three mornings per week) at Tricare nursing home, Sommerfield St, Mt Gravatt.

1999 – 2004

  • Attending physiotherapist (three afternoons per week) at Tricare independent living hostel, Agay St, Mt Gravatt.

2002 – present

  • Attending physiotherapist at the FS Unit, Greenslopes Private Hospital, Ramsay Health Care. (Five mornings per week.) Also operate staff physiotherapy clinic from the Wellness Centre and attend emergency call-outs in the casualty.

2000 – 2001:

  • Ergonomic consultant and on-site physiotherapist for Van den Bergh’s bakery, Mansfield.

Tasks included:

  • Bi-weekly on site physiotherapy treatment sessions.
  • Ergonomic consultation and advice, including suitable duties programs.
  • Designing a warm-up program and exercise class for manual workers. These exercise instructions were recorded on audio CD and on a chart so that workers were able to follow the program accurately and easily.
  • Bi-monthly written reports on the status of each injured worker.


November 2002: First place University of Queensland Business school Enterprize competition. The prize included $100 000 cash, which has been spent on the subsequent development of the RESUSS-C device. Competition process included

  • Preparing a full business plan for RESUSS-C cough stimulating device
  • Presentation of concept to judges
  • Pitch day presentation in front of the auditorium audience.


Back Pain: How to get rid of it Forever

  • A nationally selling self-help book for back pain sufferers.
  • 336 pages of information, including diagnosis, exercises, ergonomics, relaxation and more. Fully illustrated with diagrams and photographs by the author.
  • Original research includes a new classification system for back pain sufferers.
  • Sold out of its original print run of 3800 copies.

Using your brain to get rid of your pain

  • An 80-page booklet discussing how to relax, reduce pain and think more healthily. Includes original theory on the relationship of stress to musculoskeletal pain.

Using your brain to get rid of your pain

  • A 58-minute compact disc, an audio version of the above booklet. Includes a 20 minute guided relaxation session

Know your Back Pain

  • A computer program designed to help users identify the nature and behaviour of their back problem.

Ongoing minor publications

  • Produced booklets in conjunction with Brisbane Orthopaedic surgeons on post-surgical rehabilitation. The three booklets cover the following operative procedures:
    • Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
    • Total hip replacement
    • Total knee replacement
  • Organised and presented dozens of lectures/newsletter contributions for community groups on a variety of physiotherapy-related topics
  • Produce tri-monthly patient information newsletter
  • Maintain web site dedicated to physiotherapy (


Media articles and reviews: back pain and health

  • Woman’s Day magazine – three-page article
  • Good Medicine magazine – major article, review
  • The Courier-Mail – major article, review
  • Good Health magazine – major article
  • Ultrafit magazine – review
  • The Road Ahead – RACQ member magazine
  • Living Well – MBF member magazine
  • The Southern Star – Local newspaper
  • South-East Advertiser – Local newspaper

Media articles and reviews: RESUSS-C device

  • Contact – Graduate contact magazine for University of Queensland graduates
  • UQ News – Magazine for staff and students at the University of Queensland
  • UQ Business – appeared on the front cover of the magazine as Enterprize winners
  • The Courier-Mail – major article in the business section
  • Australian Anthill – Venture Capital/Finance magazine

Other Media

  • Appearance on Brisbane television (Extra)
  • Regular position on Brisbane radio and radio (ABC and 4BC) discussing physiotherapy and its benefits. Sessions included live talkback, answering listeners’ queries and problems on health-related issues.
  • The centrepiece of the University of Queensland 5-minute promotional film. Appeared as the winner of Enterprize.
  • Developed and maintain a physiotherapy website.
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