Posture Trainer? Check out the BackTone 4000

Back Tone 4000: Posture Trainer

A Biofeedback Device

Re-train your body to great posture in just 20 minutes a day using the BackTone 4000 Posture Trainer.


Good Posture makes you look great, feel more energetic and confident. It also helps prevent injury and reduce pain.

We all want good posture, but it can be so hard to achieve. That’s because acquiring good posture involves not only learning new movements but changing life-long habits as well.

Just knowing how to correct your posture is not enough to achieve a change in your actual habit. Our body uses learnt motor patterns to perform everyday activities. When we sit, stand, walk or move – our body follows previously known motor patterns. If your body has learned to slouch – that’s what it will do. BackTone helps you re-train that motor pattern.

What is BackTone?

The BackTone 4000 is the latest biofeedback device for re-training postural habits. Worn for short periods daily, BackTone beeps whenever the wearer slouches. Straightening turns the beep off. Users wear their BackTone during simple everyday tasks.

Wear the BackTone for about 20 minutes at a time during everyday tasks. Without even thinking about your posture, you will straighten up whenever the BackTone beeps.

The New BackTone 4000 has:

  • 4 -5 second vibration option for use in noisy environments
  • New strapping configuration for more active tasks
  • Firmer strapping and rubber-backed waistband for less slippage
  • Easy change battery

BackTone Benefits

  • You can wear it at work – the sound emitted is low volume thus does not distract others.
  • The BackTone 4000 now has a vibration mode for noisy or discrete environments.
  • Not cumbersome, easy to put on, no cleaning
  • Wear outside of clothing
  • Not a ‘support’ but a training device (reusable)

 Features of the New BackTone 4000

  • Vibration Option allows use in noisy or quiet environments
  • New strapping configuration:
    • Allows wearing during more active tasks.
    • Suits clients with sloping shoulders
    • Allows adjustment for a broader range of body shapes
  • Rubber backing on rear waist helps to anchor BackTone
  • Louder, deeper beep (plus vibration option) allows use by people with hearing problems
  • Attractive new packaging and instruction guide

Health Practitioner Tips

Backtone Retrains Posture Habits Like No Other Strategy.

Allow Sufficient Time

  • It takes at least 21 days to change any habit. Wear BackTone for 20 mins, a couple of times a day for as long as you like – and change the routine.

Use a Train/Feedback/Practice Regime

  • Daily non-wearing is just as crucial as wearing. Wear BackTone to learn good posture during activity. Then REMOVE IT and practice without the feedback. This habit challenge allows the training to flow into everyday activities naturally.

Avoid Fatigue

  • Before your muscles fatigue, you can easily remove your BackTone. Once muscles tire, they won’t learn much at all. Muscle fatigue may contribute to slouching and slow down the learning process.

User Friendly

  • The user easily adjusts BackTone even during a single training session. This adjustability allows them to set the training to their current status and task.

Develop Confidence and Skill

  • The capacity to apply, adjust and remove the device yourself encourages users to notice and manage their posture. BackTone users will know when they’re slouching and do something about it and will tend to alter environments such as computer setup, office chairs and seating of their own accord.

BackTone gives you the tools to provide a comprehensive program that results in real change in posture habits.

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