How to Properly Inflate an Exercise Ball

Tips for Inflating Your Exercise Ball

Physio Exercise Ball

Choose the right pump.

You can use various pumps to inflate exercise balls, such as hand-held pumps, air mattress pumps, reverse vacuum cleaners, and air compressors.

Avoid overinflating in cold temperatures.

Do not overinflate your exercise ball if the temperature is below 20 degrees Celsius. Warm it up to room temperature (20 degrees or higher) before inflating to prevent the ball from becoming too hard or bursting.

Inflate based on diameter, not pressure.

Determine the correct size of your exercise ball by measuring its diameter instead of relying on pressure. Do not exceed the recommended size when inflating the ball.

Inflate in stages.

Initially, inflate the ball to about 80% of its diameter, then wait 24 hours before inflating it to the recommended size. Avoid using the ball during the first 24 hours.

Size test.

To verify if your exercise ball is the correct size, place two boxes at the desired distance apart and use a tape measure to ensure accuracy. Then, roll the ball between the boxes. If both ends of the ball touch both boxes, you have the correct size.

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