Tennis Injuries

Tennis Injuries

Does A Tennis Elbow Brace Help?

A tennis elbow brace is a useful tool for supporting an injured elbow during the healing process. By redirecting the forces away from the affected area, it can help to reduce pain and protect the injured area. Immediate pain relief is often noticed upon wearing the brace, which can allow individuals to return to their normal activities while wearing it.

However, if the brace does not provide immediate pain relief, there could be two possibilities: the condition is severe and requires consultation with a physiotherapist, or the pain is not caused by tennis elbow, and a thorough assessment by a physiotherapist is needed to determine the root cause of the pain.

To use the tennis elbow brace safely and effectively, it should be placed around the broadest part of the forearm when doing activities that would otherwise cause pain. Research has shown that using a tennis elbow brace can reduce pain and improve grip strength for most tennis elbow or golfers elbow sufferers. By absorbing the pain-causing forces that would typically exert through the injury site, the brace can decrease pain and speed up the healing process.

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