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Get a Professional Physio Bike Fit

Our bike fit physio will customise both you and your bike. You'd be surprised how minor adjustments can ramp up your ride's comfort, efficiency, and performance. Who wouldn't want that?

Here's what a professional bike fit can cover.

Depending on what level of bike fit you are seeking, we can provide the following options:

  • Evaluate your riding style and skill level, like recreational, aggressive elite, road, track, MTB.
  • Consider your injury history, such as back pain/surgery, knee pain.
  • Measure your body's dimensions.
  • Pinpoint your perfect bike frame size.
  • Analyze your current bike setup and compare it to the ideal.
  • Check your current flexibility, joint, muscle, and neural.
  • Assess your present muscle control.
  • Analyze your optimal riding position via slow-motion video analysis.
  • Collaborate with you to enhance your setup, riding technique, and pedal efficiency.

We'll even provide a comprehensive bike fit report (additional fee applies) with a game plan for recommended bike tweaks or exercises. It's all about fine-tuning your fit to your bike, so you both cruise efficiently and comfortably on the road, trail, or track.

Who Benefits from a Bike Fit?

  • Pro cyclists.
  • Keen recreational riders.
  • Cyclists grappling with pain or discomfort, like knee/back/hip/shoulder/neck/wrist pain.
  • Suffering from crutch/perineum pain, numbness, or pins and needles.
  • Dealing with hand numbness or pins and needles.
  • Fighting off fatigue cramps.
  • Struggling to reach the drops comfortably.
  • Cyclists who've tweaked their cycling style from the norm:
  • Wobbling knees
  • Saddle sliding/tilting
  • Locked-out arms
  • Cyclists aiming to improve their cycle efficiency (more power, same energy).

Bike Size vs Bike Fit

Most bike shops breeze through a few measurements to peg the right bike frame size. They tweak pedal and seat height too, hoping for the best. While this speedy system does the trick for many, it might not cut it for those clocking hours in the saddle or gunning for more speed and efficiency.

Yet, sometimes they botch it for you! Your body's unique. Short legs, long trunk, tricky knees – all have to mesh with your bike as best we can. Have you ever sat in another's car and had to juggle seats and mirrors? The same applies for your bike fit.

Right Bike Size, Wrong Fit!

  • Regrettably, even the perfect bike size might not translate to comfy riding. Consider this:
  • Stiff or inflexible riders struggle to nail that prime cycling pose.
  • Weak muscle control or endurance.
  • Good luck holding a comfy posture for your ride's duration.
  • Pain-ridden riders.
  • Physical limitations hamper a snug optimal cycling posture, like past surgery or uneven leg lengths.

A pro bike fit is as personal as it gets. Our mission is to get you pedalling better – faster, smoother, longer, efficiently and oh-so-comfy!

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John Miller Physiotherapist

Article by John Miller

Explore our Professional Bike Fit Options

At PhysioWorks, we offer 4 levels of bike fitting to cater to your needs: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

1. Platinum

The Ultimate Bike Fit Experience.

Combine a Gold - Standard Bike Fit, Silver - Cyclist Musculoskeletal Screening, and Bronze - Bike Frame Sizing in one comprehensive package. Ideal for elite cyclists, competitive riders, and serious recreational cyclists wishing to optimise their bike fit and performance. Allow 2.5 hours for the full experience.

Sorry! We no longer fit TT bikes.

2. Gold

The Most Popular Choice for Optimal Fit.

Optimise your bike setup with a Standard Professional Bike Fit. Perfect for cyclists who seek efficient power and minimal energy expenditure. Allow 1.5 hours for a precise fitting.

3. Silver

Musculoskeletal Screening for Peak Performance.

Enhance your cycling comfort and performance with a Cyclist Musculoskeletal Screening. Recommended for elite cyclists, high-end recreational riders, and competitive cyclists to identify regions of inflexibility or muscle weakness.. Allow 1.0 hour to assess and improve your body's cycling ability.

4. Bronze

Expert Bike Sizing Assistance.

Get professional guidance on choosing the right bike size with our Professional Bike Sizing option. Your physiotherapist will measure your anthropometrics and provide recommendations for optimal sizing. Allow 45 minutes for this service.

Time and Attention to Detail

We value your time and ensure a thorough fit. Depending on your chosen level, the fitting process will take between 0.75 and 3.0 hours. Our aim is to provide you with the best possible fit for comfort, efficiency, and performance. And that, can take time that will ultimately improve your time on the bike.

Comprehensive Reports for Your Convenience

After analysing your videos and data, we'll provide you with a detailed report outside of your consultation. An additional fee applies.

Bike Fit Gift Vouchers Available

Looking for the perfect gift for a cycling enthusiast? Consider our bike fit gift vouchers. Call Sandgate PhysioWorks on (07) 32691122 for more information.


Experience the difference of a professional bike fit at PhysioWorks. Your comfort, performance, and cycling enjoyment are our top priorities. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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