Explore our Professional Bike Fit Options

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Explore our Professional Bike Fit Options

At PhysioWorks, we offer 4 levels of bike fitting to cater to your needs: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

1. Platinum

The Ultimate Bike Fit Experience.

Combine a Gold – Standard Bike Fit, Silver – Cyclist Musculoskeletal Screening, and Bronze – Bike Frame Sizing in one comprehensive package. Ideal for elite cyclists, competitive riders, and serious recreational cyclists wishing to optimise their bike fit and performance. Allow 2.5 hours for the full experience.

Sorry! We no longer fit TT bikes.

2. Gold

The Most Popular Choice for Optimal Fit.

Optimise your bike setup with a Standard Professional Bike Fit. Perfect for cyclists who seek efficient power and minimal energy expenditure. Allow 1.5 hours for a precise fitting.

3. Silver

Musculoskeletal Screening for Peak Performance.

Enhance your cycling comfort and performance with a Cyclist Musculoskeletal Screening. Recommended for elite cyclists, high-end recreational riders, and competitive cyclists to identify regions of inflexibility or muscle weakness.. Allow 1.0 hour to assess and improve your body’s cycling ability.

4. Bronze

Expert Bike Sizing Assistance.

Get professional guidance on choosing the right bike size with our Professional Bike Sizing option. Your physiotherapist will measure your anthropometrics and provide recommendations for optimal sizing. Allow 45 minutes for this service.

Time and Attention to Detail

We value your time and ensure a thorough fit. Depending on your chosen level, the fitting process will take between 0.75 and 3.0 hours. Our aim is to provide you with the best possible fit for comfort, efficiency, and performance. And that, can take time that will ultimately improve your time on the bike.

Comprehensive Reports for Your Convenience

After analysing your videos and data, we’ll provide you with a detailed report outside of your consultation. An additional fee applies.

Bike Fit Gift Vouchers Available

Looking for the perfect gift for a cycling enthusiast? Consider our bike fit gift vouchers. Call Sandgate PhysioWorks on (07) 32691122 for more information.


Experience the difference of a professional bike fit at PhysioWorks. Your comfort, performance, and cycling enjoyment are our top priorities. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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