What are Your Professional Bike Fit Options?

Article by John Miller

Professional Bike Fit Options

PhysioWorks Offers 4 Levels of Bike Fitting

  1. Platinum
  2. Gold
  3. Silver
  4. Bronze

How Long Does a Bike Fit Take?

Your professional bike fit is comprehensive and, therefore, does take time. But we’d rather be too thorough and get things right! We will need you and your bike for between 1.5 and 2.5 hours – depending on the level of fitting you require. We’ll also provide you with a detailed report that we’ll send to you after further analysing your videos etc. That way, we can save you time by just doing the assessing and measuring during your bike fit consultation.


Full Professional Bike Fit

Standard Bike Fit & Cyclist Musculoskeletal Screening

Allow 2.5 hours

Combining your standard bike fit (Gold) with a cyclist musculoskeletal screening (Silver) and your bike frame sizing (Bronze) is the best and most efficient way to either optimise your cycling or eliminate any pain or cycling discomfort.

Suppose you are suffering pain or discomfort with prolonged riding or would like to prevent injury or optimise your cycling efficiency (lowest energy expenditure for cycling output). In that case, we highly recommend the Full Bike Fit option.

We Recommend the Platinum Full Professional Bike Fit for:

  • Elite cyclists
  • Competitive cyclists
  • Serious recreational
  • A cyclist is suffering pain, discomfort, pins and needles, numbness, cramping or muscle fatigue.
  • You are optimising your bike fit for efficient power / minimal energy expenditure.

Your Full Bike Fit includes:

  • Measuring YOU (Bronze).
  • Measuring your BIKE.
  • Complete Cyclist Musculoskeletal Screen (Silver).
  • Plus, all the components of a Standard Bike Fit (Gold).
  • A thorough assessment report of your current status
  • Your initial phase of corrective exercises.
  • A recommended treatment plan.

Need a Bike Fit Report?

Your bike fit physio will prepare a report for you outside of your consultation to save you time at the clinic. Additional costs apply.


GOLD is our Most Popular Bike Fit Option!

Standard Professional Bike Fit

Professionally Fitting You to Your Bike

Allow 1.5 hours.

A professional bike fit takes time and accurate analysis. Bike fitting is all about ensuring that YOU fit YOUR BIKE optimally.

We Recommend a Gold Standard Professional Bike Fit for:

  • a cyclist who does not experience any pain or discomfort when you initially ride your bike, but you do experience some soreness or ache with longer rides.
  • You are optimising your bike fit for efficient power / minimal energy expenditure.

Note: If you experience pain when you initially start riding your bike, you should have a typical physiotherapy assessment consultation. You may have a significant musculoskeletal problem!

Your Standard Bike Fit includes:

  • Measuring YOU.
  • Measuring your BIKE.
  • We are checking if your bike is the right size for YOU.
  • We are analysing and modifying your bike to fit you best.
  • We use slow-mo video analysis of your cycling setup and style.
  • We provide an optional thorough report of your current status and any recommendations.

Your bike fit physio will prepare a report for you outside of your consultation to save you time at the clinic.

What to Bring:

  • YOU – in cycling attire: shoes, knicks and tight-fitting top.
  • YOUR BIKE – We’ll pop you on a wind trainer, so be ready to ride!


Cyclist Musculoskeletal Screening

Allow 1.0 hours

We focus your cyclist musculoskeletal screening upon your body and its ability to comfortably and optimally cycle. We’ll inform you what is right, what could be improved, and how to improve any deficiencies.

We Recommend a Cyclist Musculoskeletal Screening for:

  • Elite cyclists, high-end recreational, or competitive cyclists wish to prevent a cycling injury or improve their cycling performance.
  • You are a cyclist who is suffering pain, discomfort, cramping or fatigue.
  • You are optimising your bike fit for efficient power / minimal energy expenditure.

Your Cyclist Musculoskeletal Screening includes:

  • Joint flexibility and hypermobility testing: spine and limbs.
  • Muscle power testing.
  • Muscle control testing.
  • Muscle endurance testing.
  • Muscle timing and activation order assessment
  • Muscle flexibility and tone.
  • Neural tissue extensibility.
  • The impact of previous injury or surgery on your cycling ability.
  • Corrective exercises.
  • Your subsequent treatment plan.


Professional Bike Sizing

Allow 0.75 hours

What bike size should you purchase?

Your physiotherapist will accurately measure your anthropometrics. Then, they will advise you of your best bike size and recommended crank length etc.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact our reception team or bike fit physio for their recommendations.

Bike Fit Gift Vouchers

If you would like to purchase a bike fit gift voucher for yourself or as a Gift Voucher for your cycling enthusiast, please get in touch with Sandgate PhysioWorks.

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