Arranging a Product Refund, Return, or Exchange Made Easy

Arranging a Product Refund, Return, or Exchange Made Easy

PhysioWorks stands firmly behind your satisfaction. We proudly extend a robust 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE to cover all online product orders, barring specific cases related to health or hygiene considerations.

Should your product fall short of your expectations, take swift action by contacting PhysioWorks for a hassle-free arrangement of either an exchange or a refund.

Guiding You Through the Refund Procedure

Remember, prior to dispatching your item, you’ll need a “refund code.” Detailed instructions on organising refunds, returns, or replacements are readily available on this page.

Are you ready to initiate the process? Access the Product Return Form here.

In our commitment to maintaining pocket-friendly prices, we kindly request you to peruse the following guidelines to effectively handle scenarios where the received product might not be the perfect match.

Addressing Size Concerns

We recommend giving your brace or support a trial for size and fit. If you detect a size mismatch, promptly reach out to us to explore your available alternatives.

Our team will swiftly address any sizing concerns whenever feasible. If returning the product via postage or a swift return is an option, you’ll usually be responsible for arranging the return. Keep in mind that delivering the replacement product in the correct size might entail an additional freight charge.

Responding to Damaged Products

If your product arrives damaged, it’s crucial to contact us immediately to address the issue.

Typically, PhysioWorks will promptly coordinate the return and replacement at our own expense. However, if the product is found to be free of defects, there might be a requirement for you to cover transportation or inspection costs.

Returns for Used or Worn Products

Regrettably, products that exhibit wear and tear due to use do not qualify for refunds. If the product is considered unsuitable for resale due to user-related damage, potential infection, or health and hygiene reasons, processing a refund would not be possible.

Remember that ACCC consumer guarantees do not extend to situations where a change of mind, finding a cheaper alternative, personal dissatisfaction, or lack of utility prompts the return request.

Streamlined Refund Processes with Authorisation

For a smoother experience, we strongly urge you to obtain a “Refund Authorisation Code” before initiating your product return. Given the volume of daily deliveries and arrivals, products lacking this code and necessary paperwork might encounter processing challenges. Your active involvement in ensuring secure product returns or exchanges is highly valued.

Choices: Refunds, Replacements, and Store Credit

For minor issues with a product or service, PhysioWorks may opt to provide a free repair instead of a replacement, refund, or store credit. However, if a significant problem arises, you retain the right to request either a replacement or a refund for the product. Similarly, when a service falls short, you can choose between compensation equivalent to the value reduction below the paid price or a refund.

Understanding e-Products

Keep in mind that e-products, such as our downloadable PDF information and exercise packs, are not eligible for refunds once you’ve downloaded them.

At PhysioWorks, your satisfaction remains paramount. We’re here to make the process of arranging refunds, returns, or exchanges as effortless as possible. If you have any queries or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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