Arranging a Product Refund, Return, or Exchange Made Easy

Making Product Refunds, Returns, or Exchanges Simple

PhysioWorks firmly supports your satisfaction. We offer a strong 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all online product orders, except for certain cases related to health or hygiene.

If your product doesn’t meet your expectations, swiftly contact PhysioWorks to arrange an exchange or refund without any hassle.

How to Get Your Refund

Before you send your item back, you’ll need a “refund code.” You can find detailed instructions for organising refunds, returns, or replacements on this page.

Ready to Start?

You can access the Product Return Form here.

Solving Size Issues

To maintain affordable prices, we ask that you follow these guidelines to effectively manage situations where the received product isn’t the right fit.

Try on your brace or support to check its size and fit. If it doesn’t fit right, contact us quickly to discuss your options.

Our team will address size issues as swiftly as possible. If you need to return the product by post, you’re usually the one to organise it. Remember, sending a replacement in the correct size may involve an extra freight charge.

Dealing with Damaged Products

Contact us right away if your product arrives damaged.

PhysioWorks will usually organise the return and replacement at our expense. However, if the product is not defective, you may need to pay for transport or inspection costs.

Returning Used or Worn Products

Unfortunately, we can’t refund products showing wear and tear from use. If a product is unsuitable for resale due to damage, potential infection, or health and hygiene reasons, we can’t process a refund.

ACCC Consumer Guarantees

Note that ACCC consumer guarantees don’t cover returns for change of mind, finding a cheaper option, personal dissatisfaction, or lack of utility.

Refund Process with Authorisation

For a smooth process, please get a “Refund Authorisation Code” before you return your product. Without this code and the necessary paperwork, your return might face delays. We value your effort in ensuring safe product returns or exchanges.

Options: Refunds, Replacements, and Store Credit

For minor product or service issues, PhysioWorks might offer a free repair, a replacement, a refund, or store credit. For significant problems, you have the right to ask for a replacement or refund. If a service doesn’t meet expectations, you can opt for compensation or a refund.

About e-Products

Please remember, e-products like downloadable PDFs and exercise packs are not refundable once downloaded.

At PhysioWorks, we prioritise your satisfaction and aim to make refunds, returns, or exchanges as easy as possible. For any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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