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TENS & EMS Machine Electrodes

Most TENS Machines and EMS Machines use self-adhesive electrodes and leads that will require periodic replacement. At PhysioWorks we try to provide you with an ongoing supply of the common forms of electrodes.

Please note: Some TENS machines are manufactured to require a unique electrode that is only available from the manufacturer. At PhysioWorks, the TENS and EMS machines that we recommend utilise cables that have a 2mm plug into the universal (female) electrode. This helps to keep the cost of replacement electrodes to a minimum.

If your TENS and EMS units has a unique electrode, you will need to be source them from the original distributor, unfortunately usually at a higher price than the generic electrode.

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TENS Machine & EMS Machine FAQs

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  • What is Pain?
  • What Time does it take for a TENS Machine to Work?
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  • Seek Professional Advice

    Your TENS machine is an electronic pain relieving machine that may assist you in the relief of pain. An EMS machine is an electrical muscle stimulator that may assist muscle strengthening. TENS machines and EMS machines should always be used as directed and under the guidance of your healthcare practitioner. 

    Your physiotherapist is an expert in the application of a TENS machine or an EMS machine.  Please ask your physiotherapist or health practitioner for specific advice to assist your pain relief via a TENS machine. 

    Always read the instruction manual prior to use. If symptoms persist we strongly recommend that you seek the advice of your physiotherapist or a suitably trained health professional.