Physiotherapist X-Ray Referral or Scans?

Radiology Referrals

When Should Diagnostic Tests Be Performed?

If your symptoms persist despite treatment, it is appropriate to return to your physiotherapist or doctor for further evaluation.

It would be best to consider other causes of pain, and perhaps X-rays or other studies (MRI, CT scan, bone scan, or pathology studies) may be needed to make an accurate diagnosis.

Can Your Physiotherapist Refer for X-Rays and Scans?

Yes. Physiotherapists can refer you for many medical investigations, including X-Rays, Ultrasound Scans and MRI scans.

The full Medicare rebate applies to most X-rays ordered by physiotherapists. Not all Radiology clinics bulk bill, so out of pocket expenses may be payable.

Medicare uses item numbers and limits specific investigations. Different referral rights are depending on whether your referrer is a GP, Medical Specialist or Physiotherapist.

Your physiotherapist is happy to discuss with you the pros and cons of specific tests.

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