Who is a Physiotherapist?

Who is a Physiotherapist?



Physiotherapists are university-trained medical professionals who employ a natural and physical approach to restore, maintain, or optimise their patients’ physical and psychological well-being. They act as health mechanics for the human body, enabling individuals to perform and enjoy their chosen sports, work, or everyday activities.

During their university studies, physiotherapists focus on human body anatomy, physiology, and movement biomechanics, particularly emphasising the muscle and joint system. This comprehensive education equips them to diagnose health conditions effectively, utilise hands-on techniques, provide educational advice, and prescribe exercises to resolve various health problems.

Physiotherapy is a science-based methodology continually evolving as new research uncovers better ways to treat the body. Relying on their extensive knowledge of the human body and highly-trained skills, physiotherapists work towards restoring the health of aching, stiff, and dysfunctional muscles and joints.

At PhysioWorks, our physiotherapists are highly skilled in numerous niche areas of physiotherapy, including:

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