TeleHealth Online Physiotherapy

What is TeleHealth Physio?

TeleHealth Physiotherapy is essentially an online video consultation rather than a face-to-face consultation.

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Don’t hesitate to contact the clinic where your TeleHealth Physiotherapist consults to arrange your appointment.

TeleHealth FAQs

Before Your Appointment

We will email you a pre-appointment checklist to complete and send back to us. Your physiotherapist will review information to confirm your suitability for a TeleHealth physiotherapy consultation.

Secure Log-In

PhysioWorks will email you a secure log-in link to access your appointment.

What To Wear?

Please dress so that you can comfortably exercise and your physiotherapist can visualise the injury region. Back pain, for example, is best treated wearing a shirt and shorts combination. Shorts for legs. Sleeveless shirts for the upper limb.

Setting Up For Your Video Appointment

Please set up your laptop or computer on a sturdy level surface, ideally with the camera at eye height so we can talk to you initially. A reasonably well-lit room works well. Plus, if you have an area where you could stand or even lie down if needed to do some movements or exercise, that would be ideal.

Can You Use a Smartphone?

Yes. Some of the best TeleHealth appointments work when you have both your laptop and smartphone available. It’s the best of both worlds! But, in our experience, a laptop that isn’t handheld works best.

How Do You Pay?

Each physiotherapist has individual fees for the TeleHealth physiotherapy consultations depending upon their experience and special interests. We will provide you with a secure credit card payment platform after your consultation. Please get in touch with our admin team for specific details.

Money-Back Guarantee

Once your TeleHealth consultation has commenced and you or your physiotherapist feels that TeleHealth is unsuitable for your injury management, we will cease the discussion, refund your fee, and recommend what course of action is best for you.

Australian Clients Only

PhysioWorks is only permitted to provide TeleHealth consultation to Australian patients.

Private Health Insurance Rebates

Private health insurance companies offer TeleHealth rebates.

Medicare, Workcover & DVA

Currently, most insurance companies or government departments such as DVA, Medicare etc., offer coverage for TeleHealth.

What Conditions Are Suitable For TeleHealth?

In our experience, we can successfully treat most conditions using TeleHealth Physiotherapy. Conditions include musculoskeletal, post-operative, educational, workstation ergonomics, injury triage and exercise-based rehabilitation programs.

There is also a significant quantity of physiotherapy research comparing face-to-face versus TeleHealth, which indicates that TeleHealth outcomes are comparable or, in some cases, more effective.

If that sounds like you, TeleHealth Physiotherapy could be the best solution for you! In our experience, patients who undertake TeleHealth are more motivated and want to get better. Hence, they do their best to perform their prescribed exercises, leading to better results.

Your Post-Consultation Prescription?

Similarly to in-clinic physiotherapy, your physiotherapist will recommend specific exercises. At PhysioWorks, we use various delivery methods, including PhysiApp, video demonstrations or a pdf protocol emailed to you. Then it is all over to you to perform your exercise dose as prescribed by your physiotherapist.

We like to think of exercise as the best feel right drug to build muscle strength, encourage flexibility etc. Isn’t that a bonus! Plus, exercise doesn’t have all the potential chemical-induced side effects of drug therapy.

Online Consultations Terms & Conditions

What is TeleHealth Online Physio?

Online Physiotherapy is essentially an online video consultation rather than a face-to-face consultation. It is also known as TeleHealth Physiotherapy.

At PhysioWorks, we use end to end encrypted video link software to provide your online consultation. Due to the increase in web traffic now utilising our pre-Covid-19 TeleHealth software solution, our physiotherapists now use one of three secure platforms to provide your consultation without interruptions since millions of TeleHealth consultations have moved online globally. Your physiotherapist will email you the web link before your appointment for easy one-click access.

What Conditions Does Your Physiotherapist Consult Online?

Our physiotherapists will review your individual case to determine whether an online consultation is suitable. If your condition is not suitable for online consultation after the commencement, you will not be charged a consultation.

As a general rule, if we would normally provide our patients with a home exercise program for their condition, we can treat them via TeleHealth Online Physiotherapy.

The following conditions are usually successfully treated via an online physiotherapy consultation.

Acute Injuries – advice and early management

Post-Operative Protocols

Soft Tissue Injuries


Joint Pain

Exercise-Based Rehabilitation

Injury Prevention Programs

Load Management Programs

Overloading Conditions

Ergonomic Setups

Knee Rehabilitation



Hip & Pelvic Girdle Pain




Wrist & Hand

Referred Pain


If your condition is not mentioned in the list above, don’t hesitate to contact us to review your case.

Book Your TeleHealth Online Physiotherapy Appointment

Please call our clinic for TeleHealth Appointments. We allow longer consultation periods for TeleHealth appointments due to the slightly more complex assessment and treatment methods.

Physiotherapists below are skilled at TeleHealth Online Physiotherapy Consultations.

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Online Consultations Terms & Conditions

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